This is the story of my life right now. Paper due tomorrow (only ten pages, though, and not in Greek, thank goodness)…and and and I’m blogging instead of working on it, and watching clips from The Royal Ballet’s Alice in Wonderland on youtube (which btw looks absolutely hilarious and I NEED to see it), and then getting distracted by other things on youtube (I won’t mention names but I’ll tell you it’s safe to assume it’s the Doctor), and I keep getting intense urges to go run outside and scream really loud (might get in trouble for that), and I keep getting equally intense urges every five minutes to change the way I’m sitting on my bed (sitting at foot of bed…leaning into mound of pillows in the corner formed by the wall and the head of the bed…lying on side and typing with one hand…laying on back and propping computer up on knees…standing next to bed with computer sitting on mattress [this one’s good because I can dance around]…lying on stomach with computer in my face…I haven’t yet tried hanging upside down off the edge of the bed and sitting the computer on the floor and typing upside down yet. Maybe that’s next.) and and and…basically the paper isn’t writing itself. -_- *sigh*


I have half a conclusion left to write.

This should be a piece of cake!

…maybe that’s the problem…


*sigh* *changes position on bed again and goes back to work*


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  1. taethiel says:

    Hahahahaha… that is… so perfect. *headdesk* Story. Of. My. Life. …*glances at homework due tomorrow* *headdesk*

    A TARDIS. And a Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference. And lots of truth. Good video.

    …and I’m just trying to draw this comment out so I don’t have to go back to writing…

    Hmph. Fine. *hits “post” button* -_-


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      *grins* I know…I saw it…and was like…these people must be stalking me. 0_0

      K, so I didn’t get the Monty Python reference. Never seen it. BUT THE TARDIS. I want one on MY desk. -_-

      …*looks at my research paper* tell me about it. I have literally been “writing” the same conclusion since about 3:00 this afternoon. Although granted, I did go to work for two hours, and do a little Soc studying…but still. It’s 10:30 now. That’s what, four hours on one paragraph? …*cough* …not my best words-per-minute record out there…XD


  2. mariertps says:

    *guilty grin* no, I’m not doing that . . . right this second . . . I think, maybe 0=)



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