my weekend and some pictures and things =)

Friday, I worked like crazy on my research paper all morning and got three and a half pages banged out. Then classes after 3:00pm were canceled and Spring Fling happened. Don’t ask me the reasoning behind it, because I honestly can’t understand why people would want to use the entire afternoon of the Friday before finals standing around outside and eating food and making lots of noise and lots of messes. But there was fruit, so I didn’t mind too much. the Pine Grove was filled with hundreds of students and several small rides and blown up bouncy house things and photobooths…and food. Everyone was partying. I went and stood in the sun and followed my roommate around like a lost puppy for a while, and then I decided to heck with that and I didn’t care about being the only one by myself in that madding crowd, and wandered off by myself to eat dinner. Like I said, there was fruit. I stole a bunch of pears. =) Then I came back to my room and played my guitar a little bit. And watched two Disney movies. I’ve decided that Disney movies are a good way to amuse oneself slash kill time without having to be intellectually…active. In other words, after writing three and a half pages of a research paper and standing in the sun for three hours straight, my brain was literally baked and there was no way any sort of homework would happen so I watched a movie while my headache slowly got worse and worse. ;)

So Friday was ok. Too much sun and noise and people for my taste, but it wasn’t bad. But then was Saturday. And Saturday was absolutely lovely. I honestly can’t remember the last time I have had such an enjoyable day. =) I woke up to the most beautiful sunlit morning ever. It felt like summer (and continued to all day). Then Sacred Dance met out in the Pine Grove for a final breakfast. We all sat and lay on blankets in the grass and ate bagels with chocolate chip cream cheese and drank white grape juice and coffee and talked about summer and dance and lots of other things, and gave the graduating seniors a lovely goodbye and I’m going to miss some of them. I was outside with that group of beautiful young women from breakfast until 1:15 in the afternoon. I don’t think Iv’e ever just hung out with so many people for so long in my life. And it was wonderful. =) At about noon people started to drift off to get started on their days, but me and most of the other freshmen stayed and hung out a while longer and braided each others’ hair and gave each other foot massages and talked and laughed and pretty much…it was lovely. =)

After we all broke up, I shut myself in my room and forced myself to work on my research paper, which I got another two or three pages written on. Then after dinner I went on a walk around campus in the evening light with my camera. It’s called the Golden Hour for a reason, folks. I think the evening sun can make just about anything look so wistfully beautiful.

Then I came back and edited pictures, which I haven’t done in a while, and listened to Celtic Woman. And all this heat and squinting at the sun through a viewfinder heralded the return of my headache but it’s worth it because this world is so beautiful and I wouldn’t stop trying to capture a bit of that with my camera for anything. =)

Then Sunday. Sunday I worked on my research paper some more in the morning, and then our Clusters went to the beach at noon and hung out for two hours in the overcast loveliness and took a million pictures. I brought my camera along, needless to say. I probably took several hundred pictures. But ten minutes before we left, the SD card malfunctioned (again. this has happened before) and I had to re-format it to make it usable again, which means every single picture got deleted. I don’t know why the card malfunctions like that, but you can’t take any more pictures with the camera or download/view any of the pictures you have already taken unless you format it. But formatting, like I said, wipes the card. So I took a few hundred pictures and came home with six. =P Which I am sad about, because I had some good ones. </sigh> I don’t know what’s wrong with the SD card, but this is the second time this year that it has had an error like that. It works perfectly fine after I format it, though, so I’m not sure that it is actually a problem with the card, or just a random glitch. Ah well. I probably would have ended up deleting 90% of the pictures I took anyway. =)

After the beach, I came back and settled down to bang out a few more pages of my paper, then went to the last Gathering (evening church service on campus) of the year. Which was packed. And so much amazing music. Then I went to bed. =)

And now it’s Monday and I have about two more pages of my research paper left to write, and then a five-page religion paper, and then my Sociology exam…and then somehow I have to pack up my life and fit it in one tiny car and remove all traces of my existence here, and then I’m gone.

I’m so glad I get to go home. =)

but you know, I’m also glad I’ll be getting to come back here next year too. =)


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  1. vtgrandview says:

    So good to hear my Anna talking about hanging out with friends! Real live friends!!


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      I know, right? This is so weird. Like…this is basically the first time in a really longggg time that I have had friends…who I can see EVERY DAY if I want to. It’s…like…a new sensation. XD ;)



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