The Blog

I originally created this blog for the Creative Writing class I took through The Potter’s School during the 2010-2011 school year. If you go back far enough through my archives, you’ll find all the things I wrote for that class – I have not deleted them, for though they may be a bit embarrassing for me to look back on, they still mark an important part of my journey. I have written here many times since, however, and this space now contains writings about life as a farm girl in the Green Mountains, seekings after God and solutions to the decisions I face, and a chronicling through photography of the places I live and the things I love.

During my four years at college and a short-lived semester in graduate school, I found myself struggling to find a home in the in-between world of a student. As my journey through life continues, I find that though my fight to relinquish all I am to my heavenly Father is not over, the battle begins to look different now. I find myself wandering Between Horizons, struggling between the desire to hold on to the beauty of my childhood, the deep, unquenchable love I hold for my homeland; and the ever-increasing, driving need to move on, move forward, find my place in a world I am unfamiliar with, a world of fairy-story and strange wonders, of hard work with my hands and of other work that may not seem quite so clearly good to me yet, a world where I have a home and a people of my own, a home I have not been able to find away at school.

I know that in stepping on towards the far horizon ahead, the horizon of unknowns and a swift-expanding world, I may not easily find a place to call my own. I may not find an answer for the aching of my soul in that great expanse of terrifying possibility. Yet still I wander and raise my eyes to the future and all the fear and wonder and sheer, defiant Joy it brings.

This is the purpose of this blog. A space where I chronicle this journey between horizons. I invite you with me on this search for home, for future, and for answers. I wish these words of mine will touch a place in your heart, and remind you of the important things, the important Stories, the far-away beauty of an ever-present Light.