The Authoress

Hello. I am Anna.



I am many things. Christian, once-homeschooler now out of college, photographer, dancer, writer. I am a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I hope a good one. I am a shepherdess, an artist, and a sub-creator. I can be rather a child, sometimes.

I live in Vermont, in the City now, relatively speaking, but I still consider my family’s mountain-top farm as home. I love to read and write, sing and make music, dance, take walks in my forests and meadows, or just sit and think.

Though I have now graduated from my tiny, almost-midwestern liberal-arts college (class of ’16!) and completed my education for the time being, I still consider myself a student, and will, as like as not, return to academia in some capacity at a future point in my life. I am enamored with the history and legendarium of J. R. R. Tolkien, and have him to thank for the direction my studies have taken–a B.A. in English, focusing on Medieval literature and languages. Tolkien’s books first opened me to the world beyond my doorstep, and they continue to draw me ever deeper into Faerie, into Wonder, into Truth.

I live in a contradiction of home and homesick. The land where I grew up is in my blood–my own dear mountains and friendly, star-strewn sky–and I am most at peace when I am here, cupped in the steady, encircling palm of the Green Mountains. Yet I recognize that these mountains may not be my home forever–there is more beyond the furthest range, disappearing into dim and dusky blue, than I can dream of, and I am aching to find my own way. To make my own home, to put down roots, to find the place where I fit in. I am wandering the space between horizons, and I am uncertain where I will find myself in a month, a year, a decade, a life. I am so eager to find out.


To learn more about my family’s farm, visit our website or our blog.

[photo credit: Kim Goodling]