Next Steps

Well. I guess I owe my readers a post by now. And I have news anyway, so this is rather overdue.

I applied to grad school after all. Just one – Western Michigan University. It’s still in this general area of Michigan, which I like, and it’s got one of the top Medieval studies programs in the country, so everyone wins. I decided to apply during the last few days of Finals Week last semester, leaving myself scarcely three weeks to get my application compiled and submitted by the due date. Not the best timing I’ve ever had. I ended up spending my entire Christmas break fighting between the longing to simply rest and be with my family for my last-ever undergraduate Christmas Break Experience, and the need to get my act together and write a personal statement, finish my writing sample, and complete the rest of the application in three weeks’ time.

But I did it, barely, and submitted my application at 6:00pm the day it was due. Last-minute seems to be something I’m good at.

I received a phone call from Dr. Jana Schulman, the head of the Medieval Institute at WMU, this past week on Thursday. I didn’t answer it – I was at lunch and didn’t know my phone had rung. Becca got a message on her phone earlier that morning while in class, and listened to it during lunch. I knew as soon as her face lit up who it was from – she’d been accepted into the Medieval Institute! We all jumped up and down and made inarticulate noises of great excitement. I realized then that the message on my phone must also be from the Institute, and immediately decided that I wasn’t emotionally prepared enough to hear it. I wasn’t sure what answer I wanted to hear.

I finally did listen to it, though, and got the news that I, too, had been accepted. after calling the Institute back and getting the scoop on funding and stipends and things, I can announce that I will be going to Kalamazoo in the fall of this year, to start my two-year Masters program in Medieval Studies.

Never fear – I am still planning on a kitten. I’ll be living with Becca the first year, but the second year will have a place of my own. So a kitten-friendbeast is necessary.

I’m excited–really really very excited. I’m sad to leave Holland, but I’m planning to come back after I finish at the Institute. I’m ready for some roots, and Holland is a very lovely, welcoming place to be. Plus my church is amazing beyond anything I have ever experienced, and there are tulips, and the summer is longer and warmer than those at home in Vermont (though the winters are much windier and maybe a little snowier, though not colder. The early springs makes up for it).

I’m also really excited because my amazing mother knit me a sweater with our own yarn, bearing the five-strand cable braid of our family and a fabulous red stripe. And it’s my new favorite thing.


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  1. mariertps says:

    That’s so intense. I’m happy for you (-: It must be kinda hard, knowing you are going right back into school after graduation.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Well, yes and no. Yes, because I *am* ready to start a more normal, settled life, with a job and no homework. Like, thinking about finishing work at the end of the day and actually being DONE, with no papers to write or things to read or questions to answer that are due for a grade the next day is amazing. I can hardly fathom it. But also, I’m really excited for two more years, because it’s two years of stuff I love. It’s two years of taking classes like the Old Norse and Old/Middle English Lit classes I’ve had – good hard work, but something I care about (even if the main reason I care about it is for the way it relates to Tolkien’s work). So, it’s hard knowing I have to wait two more years before I can really start settling in somewhere and putting down roots. But it’s made easier by the fact that I’ll be doing awesome things and studying awesome things. And I like being a student. I’m glad I don’t have to entirely quit having Student as a profession quite yet. =) Plus, as a student, I get a great discount at the local bookstore…


      1. mariertps says:

        So it all comes down to the bookstore. Jk, I feel you. I would probably really enjoy college if I didn’t have to take so many classes that aren’t enjoyable for me and feel like a waste of time. It seems like you are pretty comfortable with where you are going, so that’s great.


        1. AnnaEstelle says:

          Once you’re past some of the gen eds, it’ll get better, I promise. =)


  2. grannyandpoppy says:

    Anna, We are so happy for you! But we knew you could do it! Wow– so interesting for us  to see what the next part of your life will bring. Lots of exciting studies and new people to know.I’m looking forward to all that comes. Love Granny



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