And Then the Rain – Thursday, April 9, 2015

Off the Farm

When you wake, you open your eyes to the contents of your dreams. Your room glimmers the grey color of dusk, though it is morning. Your sleepy mind takes whole moments to realize that the thunder is real. It ripples through the sky, the air, a peal of sound more majestic than anything this city has to offer you. For a moment, you think you are at home – the sound seems to echo, rolling around mountain ranges, bouncing before you, behind you, beside you, above you. You shake your head and sit up. There are no mountains here, and it is only the train, adding its rumble to the thunder.

When the lightning flashes, there is a moment of searing white. It pounds against the back of the closed shutters, finding its way in through the slits between the thin strips of plastic that hold back the sky. The thunder that…

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