March 25…

…gosh, you guys, so many awesome things happened on March 25.

First, and most importantly, HAPPY TOLKIEN READING DAY! Go! Join all the Tolkien fans and scholars! Read some Tolkien! Today is, after all, the day.

Since it *is* March 25, I can also wish you a happy Destruction of the Ring Day, Fall of Sauron Day, Gondorian New Year, Birthday of Elanor Gamgee, and several other Middle-earth-y events that I will spare you from mentioning.

Ah. But never fear. There are also Current-earth events worth noting today! Two in particular. Happy birthday to Lee Pace (who did such a wonderful job portraying Thranduil in the new Hobbit films), and (I mention this last, but it is not least – neither is it the end of the list…I just can’t think of anything else Tolkien-related off the top of my head) happy Feast of the Annunciation day!


In case you are all too lazy to go find some Tolkien to read, I shall supply you with a small bit here. The theme chosen by the Tolkien Society for this year’s Reading Day is Friendship. And oh, does Tolkien ever have some beautiful moments of friendship in his works. Here are a few short videos of notable Tolkien scholars reading sections of his works, or of works about him, that touch on Friendship.

I must say, the first is my favorite.


One Comment Add yours

  1. mariertps says:

    Grrr I’m jealous of their reading voices. -_- I read waaaaay too fast. And their accents.



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