A Bit Organized? – Dance Composition Part VI

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I feel so much better. So, so, so much better! Rehearsal today went beautifully! My dancers are wonderful, the movement is coming together, the music is fabulous, and everything’s working out! Glory be.

I put together the music for the first half of the piece earlier this week. I had been hesitating before – I didn’t know how long each section of movement took, and didn’t want to cut the music off too short, or have it run for too long. I finally just decided not to worry about that and put it together already. I realized that I can, indeed, go back and re-edit the music again to make things longer or shorter, if need be. Imagine that.

The program I use to re-mix music is called Audacity. I have no idea where it ranks on the how-professional-is-this-scale. It was a free download, if that tells you anything. But it sure beats Windows Movie Maker. And yes, before you ask, that is what I used to edit music before. Don’t judge. I know.

I would upload a sample of the music to this post, if I could – however, that’s not actually possible, to the best of my knowledge, since I don’t pay for the Premium version of WordPress. So I shall direct you here instead, if you are interested in taking a listen at some of the music I’m using. I’ve taken bits and pieces from several different tracks off that CD, so far, and mixed them together. It’s pretty cool, if I may say so myself as shouldn’t. And I can totally cut pieces out of the middle of songs without it sounding like someone cut a piece out of the middle of it, so I feel brilliant.

I took the music in to my dancers today and we ran through the piece with the sound several times. It works! It actually truly really does work! I guessed almost exactly right, in terms of length. Woohoo! Everything looks amazing, my beautiful dancers work so hard for me, and I’m so proud of them! Gabby especially, coming as she is back into dance for the first time after her hip surgery. Impressive stuff, that young lady.

Spring Break is coming up – it begins on Friday of this week. I would very much like to get another rehearsal in before then, though. Because Break covers two weekends, and Easter takes up another weekend afterwards, there are only two weekends between now and Adjudications. Holy. Realizing that nearly gave me a heart attack. I believe in my dancers – I know they can take whatever I throw at them, and learn it well and quickly, and perform it beautifully for the adjudicating panel. However, I’m not so confident in my own choreography skills. I’ve still got a little less than half the piece to choreograph, and I’ve saved the hardest parts for last. Not to mention costumes. Good glory. I also have to work in Jared’s speaking bits as well – that is a frightening thought. I almost don’t even know how to approach that – it feels like an incredibly monumental task. Well. I have some work to do. And by some, I mean tons.

We arranged to rehearse on Wednesday night this week, one last time before everyone leaves for break. I’ve asked Jared to come…we’ll see how that goes. I do not hesitate to admit that the fellow intimidates me a good deal. Mainly because I’ve never really talked to him, and he’s so tall and impressive-looking, striding around campus in his fedoras and long trench coats…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bessie Lark says:

    …trench coats? Tall? Impressive? Awesome voice for Old English? *cough* Good job getting up the courage to ask him. =D Glad to hear stuff’s working out!


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …Shut up. He’s engaged.

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