Disorganization! – Dance Composition Part V

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I do feel rather more disorganized than I probably should at this point. Today I taught my lovely ladies the Cruel Company section. I wanted to convey the fact that though there is “company” – the mover is not alone – the company is not supportive. It is something the mover wants to resist, to escape. I have the girls traveling together in a clump, two of them forcing and pressing the third on. When the dancer being compelled to move finally manages to push away from the other two, it is only to get sucked back into the group, this time as one of the ones forcing motion rather than the one being forced. I hope it looks interesting.

I know that in my choreography for myself I shy away from big, locomotive, fast-moving things. I think because I don’t have enough confidence in myself as a dancer – I don’t think I can do it, so I don’t even try. thus, when I do try, it comes out half-hearted, stunted, smaller than I wanted. This is a problem – there is at least one section of this piece that I want to really move, really travel, really exhaust my dancers and the audience. I’m not sure if I can pull it off. It’s going to take some work – so naturally I’m putting it off as long as I can.

My dancers are doing beautifully. I am impatient to get to a stage where this work is completed enough that I can start cleaning it, however – I think that is part of what is contributing to my feeling disorganized. I want it to be further along than it is – I want to get to the fun part! The part where I run it over and over again, and give corrections, and my dancers hate me. Yes. I’m so excited.



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