Yes: It is Done

Title change: check. About pages re-created and updated: check. First snow-day of the year: check.

The amount of productive I have been today is atrocious. And by that I mean, I haven’t been.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. JudahC says:

    I LOVE the new title and the new look.


  2. Lalaithiel says:

    Awesome title and pages. I love it. =D


  3. sarahtps says:

    I like the new title. :) The new header is nice as well.


    1. sarahtps says:

      Also, because I forgot to check out your pages before I commented: lovely work on those, particularly the “about the blog” page. And your hat is awesome. Did you make it? Or buy it? If you made it, I need the pattern, please.


      1. AnnaEstelle says:

        Thanks! My mother actually knit that hat for me. I’m not sure I can find the pattern, but it was just a standard, simple beret.


        1. sarahtps says:

          You’re welcome! And ok then. I have plenty of beret patterns, so . . . just have to find yarn that looks like it. *nods* Thanks!


  4. EmilyAbroad says:

    Love it!!! Also, did you take your title picture? Where is that?


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Of course I did. ;) That’s the view from Stowe Pinnacle, if you’re standing at the top facing out across Stowe and look left (no idea which compass direction that is. but it’s left. =P)



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