Holland is a weird place.

Folks, I just came across the name of a Hope College staff member: M. Van Klompenberg. If that ain’t Dutch, I don’t know what is.

And for your further amusement, here are two quotes from my German Drill class today, both said by Fifi, our very wonderful German TA (seriously, when I say very wonderful I mean it. She’s positively delightful and has awesome clothes and is pretty much just really cool a lot):

First, Fifi instructing us in the German method of making the ‘r’ sound: “Yea, it sounds like you’re dying, but that’s okay.”

Seriously. You should hear us. We’re a pathetic bunch.

And secondly…this one requires a bit of backstory. Someone was getting “coop” confused with “coup” (we were talking about chickens…). We corrected this by coming to the conclusion that a “coop” was what you put the chickens in and a “coup” was when you overthrow the government. Fifi’s response to all this: “Well, if your last name is ‘Chicken’ and you overthrow the government, that would be a Chicken coup…”

Yea. See why she’s so cool? Fifi puns.

We also learned today, after a lesson in swear words, that what happens in German Drill stays in German Drill.

…Or would, except for the fact that Herr Forester has as much fun teaching us bad words as Fifi did. ;)


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  1. mariertps says:

    I want a German teacher that teaches me swear wor- *looks up as mom comes in* HI, mom! 0=) ;P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lulu says:

      Its called Google translate. Trust me, it works.


      1. mariertps says:

        o.o Why… no, nvm. I don’t want to know…


  2. If you’re willing to settle for Spanish, Sr. Poortenga and I had some interesting conversations at some points. =)



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