This is why I should never have breaks.

Despite a nonexistant knowledge of How One Uses Photoshop, a grand total of zero pieces of lighting equipment (much less the know-how required to use them), no models, very few resources or interesting locations (or means of transportation to said locations), not even a tripod strong enough to hold my (epicsauce) camera, and no previous experience in this area at all…I suddenly have developed an interest in art photography and now I need a tripod and a working knowledge of photoshop and a model and money and a car.

Especially money. If you have any extra I’ll give you my address and you can just send it my way. I accept cash, checks, credit cards, and the monetary contents of the sock hidden under your mattress. And spare change.

This is why Anna shouldn’t get a Fall Break. She spends too much time on youtube and photography blogs, and decides that landscapes are boring (especially in Michigan, if you catch my drift), and while nature is all well and good and stunningly beautiful 98.6% of the time, she wants to make art. Not that you can’t make art taking landscapes and portraits. But guys THERE’S SO MUCH COOL STUFF.


I need to learn Photoshop. And I need free time. And I need money for a decent tripod.

Someday, I’ll be rich and famous. Or at least not a broke college student living on free handouts. And then I’ll have a tripod. And I’ll also know how to use photoshop. Not sure how that comes with being not-a-broke-college-student, but it totally will. And I’ll be a boss.

…I take it back. Maybe this isn’t because of break. Maybe this is just what happens when I don’t even touch Telcontar (my beautiful Canon 60D, for those of you who aren’t on a first-name basis with him) for two months. And maybe this is what happens when I decide that though doing portraits of friends is fun and all…this could be so much more exciting with photoshop and cool costume-ness.. Why do I have all the expensive hobbies?

(aaaaaaaand I definitely just spent an hour researching tripods. And came to the same conclusion I have come to every other time I have spent large amounts of time doing this [which happens more often than I care to admit]. I just need to go to the camera store and talk to a camera guy and actually try one out, because I’m so not spending upwards of $300 on something that will end up being too much or too less tripod for my needs…)


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  1. Lulu says:

    Psh, bro I ‘gave’ you the Extended Edition of Photoshop CS6 for nothing but a slap on the back. Dun talk to me about needing monies ;)



    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Okay. Give me a tripod and I won’t. ;)
      Seriously though. Those things are so crazily expensive its not even funny…


  2. sarahtps says:

    YouTube has a lot of useful videos for learning Photoshop, or so I’d guess since I’ve seen my dad watching them a lot. (I learned from him, so, yeah.) If you’d like, I can ask him for some good channels and such for you to look at. (I can’t help you with the tripod, sorry . . .)


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Actually, yea, if you have any youtube channel suggestions, that would be awesome. =)


  3. Do you know if said person in those videos uses a mouse? Because otherwise there might be another pricey item to add to that list . . .


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Yea. I can get a mouse for like fifteen bucks at Staples…which I would need to, if I ever really got into photoshop because Arthur’s little touchpad is…*cough* not good for things like that. XD But I wouldn’t want to get into using anything more fancy/expensive than a mouse. Too much money for something I’m not really into. At least, not yet. Maybe someday I will be. But right now I’m way too much an amateur to consider anything more expensive.
      (a tripod, however, I can use any time I get out my camera…soooooo I can totally pay a lot of money for that. =D)


      1. Lulu says:

        nono get a tablet so i can barrow it


  4. *shudders at the thought of Photoshop* Photoshop is literally my nemesis. I’ve tried again and again to figure out how that program works, and I’ve just failed. I’m not a photographer at all, but I love the look of drawings done in Photoshop. Every time I try I end up wanting to pull my hair out. I’ve even checked out “how to” Photoshop books, and the only thing I learned was how to change the color of something like hair, which was not what I wanted to learn. Still, you can make some pretty entertaining pictures that way. XD

    I wish you luck in your Photoshop-ing journey! :)

    ~ Kayla



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