Four Good Things and a Woah

Well then. Last night I posted rants and stuff. So I’ll give you something more happy tonight. Yea.


So. Four Good Things and a Woah. 

First, Today. Today and yesterday. Both of these were very, very good. granted, I got very little homework done. And I’m definitely not doing homework now, and I definitely should be. So I’ll try and keep this short. Anyhow.

Yesterday: The English Department did a read-aloud of Tolkien’s Beowulf. Took about three hours – I only caught the first fifteen minutes and the last half hour, sadly, but it. was. great. Very. Afterwards, Becca and I walked (skipped?) back to our apartment, singing Irish drinking songs at the top of our lungs the whole way. I’m kind of impressed Campus Safety didn’t arrest us. Do songs count as alcoholic paraphernalia? This is a dry campus, after all…

The reason I missed two hours in the middle of the reading was that I was at an audition. One of the Dance professors is partnering with a recent dance alumnus and someone involved in Poetry in the English department (I think a professor and some of his students – I’ve no clue who the man is – I didn’t recognize him when us auditionees met him). They are choreographing something for ArtPrize. Go look it up – ArtPrize is something which I do not fully understand. to the best of my knowledge, it is some ginormous event that happens annually in Grand Rapids – a conglomerating of All The Artists. The art museums there do a huge fancy exhibit, with art from people…all over the country? The state? The world? I dunno. And it’s all really fancy and high-falluting and I should probably know more about it. Sorry. Go look it up. It’s famous, anyway. And the Dance/English departments here are choreographing a piece based on poetry and performing it there and that’s what I auditioned for, which made me have to miss a bunch of Beowulf. But it was worth it. The audition was so. much. fun. I haven’t enjoyed myself in dance so much in a very long time…which is impressive. It was doing a lot of stuff I would have been completely uncomfortable with even at the beginning of this summer. The improvisation I did in July must have helped after all. Or else I just got brave. What. …no, can’t be that. must have been the improvisation.


THEN. Today. Becca and I spent a lot of the afternoon choreographing stuff together. Yea. That’s right. We decided there should be a dance to Now And for Always from the Lord of the Rings Musical (go look it up. most beautiful thing ever). So. We just did it because we could. =) We’re nowhere near done – we just did a couple of the choruses and threw out some verbal ideas for verses, but don’t have a lot of choreography yet. But it was super fun, and I’m excited, and she’s excited, and even though Becca may not be a “dancer” (she says she’s not, anyway. I still am very much in belief of the opposite), it’s ALL AWESOME. Its such a weird thing, to have someone who is excited about choreographing. It makes me want to do so many amazing things…(also we’re planning to do something to music from Le Petit Prince [go look that up too, while you’re at it] next year and IMSOHAPPY).

Yea so that was that good thing.


Second good thing: Related to the first. ArtPrize.


You have been selected as one of the 15 movers for ArtPrize- When The Days Become A Moment, When the Body Becomes Adrift.

We were inspired by your creativity, enthusiasm, and openness at the audition. Your involvement and commitment during the rehearsals is what will bring this collaborative process to life.

Our first rehearsal is tomorrow, 12-3pm in Dow 207. Please arrive as early as needed to get yourselves warm. We will start promptly at 12. We are excited to get started!
Thank you for taking part,

Angie and Jamie

I totally got in the piece.


Third good thing: Also related to the first in that it happened today. Bible Study training stuff was most of today. It was a bit exciting. And I’m not mortally terrified for my life yet. So. That’s a good thing.


Fourth good thing: DOCTOR WHO.

Yea. Tonight (in a half-hour!) we’re going to watch the Premier of season 8, and the second episode. And I’m happy. Yay. (this is very much understated. I’m trying not to let all the freaking out happen yet. there’s a lot of it, and something might die). 


And now for the Woah.

Hi Anna,

Andrea A. worked over the summer as a research assistant on my book but thinks she won’t have time to continue this semester. Would you be interested in taking her place? What I need is for someone to work through my revised chapters as I finish them and do 3 things: compile folders on Zotero (a bibliography program) of which sources are cited so that they will be included in the final bibliography; proofread; and give me an idea of what needs further work by making suggestions, asking questions, and letting me know what doesn’t make sense. Andrea already did the first chapter…The second chapter is ready, and I’m almost done with the third. It’s hard to tell how soon I’ll get done with the others. And I don’t have a good idea of how much time is involved, so it could be very flexible with the rest of your schedule. It will likely continue into next semester, but I hope not beyond. I also don’t know how much it pays, but there is a standard rate.

You don’t need to let me know right away, but I wanted to ask before your schedule gets filled up with other things.


…I have no idea what to do anymore. The CG in the signature would be Dr. Gruenler. He;s writing a book about awesome wonderful things that I only understand very very very tiny bits of. Do you realize how hard it will be for me to tell this man no? I don’t think you do, because I’m not sure I do either. Having the chance (read: an excuse) to work with Dr. G is pretty much what I would like most in all the world right now. So how do I tell him I can’t do it?

Because I have no idea why he ever thought I might be the right person for this job…but I’m definitely not. Taking this back to the depressingness of last night…I’m not smart enough for this.


so. now what.

I asked him for a week to think about it, and to see how my schedule looks once my job starts…but I’m really just putting off the decision and trying to get up the courage to tell him I’m not the right person.



10 Comments Add yours

    1. Lulu says:

      I don’t think your email has gone through, I’ve refreashed it alot but still nothing. Try and send it again.


      1. It wasn’t an email to you, silly.


  1. vtgrandview says:

    Yeah….see Emily’s email….I am sure what ever she says about this is what I would say!
    Oh and congratulations!! Now off to research Art Prize…..


  2. sarahtps says:

    I am currently imagining you skipping and singing Irish drinking songs. It is a very amusing picture.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Oh, it was a heck of an amusing picture, alright.


  3. Lalaithiel says:

    Ahh, that’s awesome about ArtPrize! =D
    Once you and Becca finish Now and for Always, I humbly request a video. Because that song is fantastic, and it’d be awesome to see what you guys do with it. <3


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      We’ll see. I’m not sure I can get Becca to agree to that. But. If so, you will surely get to see it. Whether you wanted to or not. ;)



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