Flashes and Weddings and a Trip to Brobdingnag

So when they decided to call the Induro AT413 Heavy-Duty Tripod legs “heavy-duty,” they weren’t kidding. I think I could run over these things with a tank and the only thing that would get hurt would be…the tank. I have also resignedly realized that trying to teach myself the workings of a Canon Speedlite flash, which I have never before held in my hands, in one afternoon – the day before I’ll be using it to photograph my first wedding ever – is not one of my brightest ideas yet.

Yes, tomorrow is the “big day” – both because people I don’t actually know are getting married, and because I’m the one doing all their photography – when I’ve never even considered thinking about maybe one day in the far-distant-future-when-I’m-rich-and-famous-and-own-my-own-photography-equipment photographing a wedding, ever. Also tomorrow is a big day because it’s my parents’ 28th wedding anniversary. Yaaayyy, confetti, cake, and romantic dinner dates!

(seriously, awww)

Back to the matter in hand, I have rented rather a lot of equipment for this wedding. Looking at it, I don’t know if I will even use any of it. Besides the extra memory cards. I have in my possession now a 70-200 f/2.8L lens, a 24-70 f /2.8L lens, the aforementioned Induro tripod and ballhead, a Speedlite flash (the 430EX II, because the 580EX II was already rented out), a spare battery for my 60D, and two 64-gig SD cards.

I’m lookin’ at this stuff and going – how the heck am I supposed to transport all this to the wedding location? My camera bag, which I thought was nice and roomy, won’t even fit the 24-70 lens in it. Much less anything else. Like the 70-200 lens. Have you seen one of those things? That’s what photographers call a lot of glass. And a lot of money. I’ll be toting around 2,500 dollars’ worth of lens on my camera. 2,500 dollars’ worth of lens that isn’t actually mine.

Don’t drop it?

What in the name of sanity am I going to do with all this stuff? Honestly, I think I’ll not use the 70-200 lens. I have my own 55-250 f/4-5.6 lens, which is much smaller, lighter, less expensive, and less stressful than this giant fixed-aperture monstrosity. I will probably just hook my own telephoto lens to my spare camera body and not even touch the f/2.8. As for the flash, well…with all the luck I’m having trying to learn flash photography in one afternoon, I probably won’t actually use it either. Honestly, I would be much more comfortable shooting this wedding using just my own gear, even if it is limiting and will decrease the quality of images I am able to get, than trying to use rented stuff that I am not familiar with. Although this here 24-70 f/2.8L is looking pretty epic…even if it does weigh as much as a small refrigerator full of apples.

Don’t ask me how I know how much a small refrigerator full of apples weighs. That is for me to know and you to wonder about.

The flash is fun to experiment with, though. I have about seventy pictures of the lamp sitting on my desk now. It’s quite thrilling. I believe it would be ever so much easier (and smarter, and more professional, and would give me better images) to have the flash tethered to my hot shoe with a cord so I could use it off-camera. However, that would be even more technology for me to have to wrap my mind around in one afternoon. Plus then I would have to actually have a tether cable. And some sort of stand for the flash. And an assistant to hold it. While I will have an assistant during the actual ceremony and family-portrait-taking portion of the wedding, she won’t be there the whole time. I’ll be arriving on location by 11:00am, and not leaving until probably 9:00pm. Give or take a few hours on either end. Or rather, just give.

On the bright side (bright side. ha. haha. hahahah-…no? ok…), I did get my spiffy new set of reflector/diffuser panels in the mail today. I’m too scared to open it, though. More new things for Anna to figure out how to use in a very limited period of time!!! Yaaayyyyy!!! Not. But I am pleased with myself for buying the reflectors. They shall make me happy, and be very helpful if I ever do portraits again.

…But this tripod…golly gee, this tripod. I think I could engage in combat with a whole horde of Brobdingnagians armed only with this tripod, and still come out the victor.

Even if they brought tanks.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Bessie Lark says:

    How do you know how much a small refrigerator full of apples weighs? *cheeky grin*


  2. vtgrandview says:

    U R Funny Anna!


  3. sarahtps says:

    Good luck figuring out flashes and whatnot! I haven’t figured them out either . . . but I have my dad to do it for me and don’t do a lot of serious photography, so I’m ok with that for now.

    *seconds Bessie Lark’s question*


  4. mariertps says:

    I’m still praying for you. ;D I suspect you need it with all that heavy duty socializing. *coughcough* or at least, I’d need it.


  5. joctavianr says:

    Haha. U funny girl, Anna. I’m glad everything went well. =)



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