Home again!

After five months away at school, I am finally home again as of midnight yesterday. This is cause for much great rejoicing. I am fairly certain that the man sitting next to me as the plane descended over Vermont thought I was a bit crazy. My face pressed against the window, grinning like an idiot and fairly crying for joy and gratefulness. And making myself laugh by telling myself geology puns, inspired by the realization that I could see an meandering stream out the window and it all went downhill from there. Guys, there are still mountains here. Mountains again! And a sunset, up in the air, like no other. And clouds as far as the eye can see – the best sort, that look like palaces and speak of angel wings and glory. I remembered why I love to fly.

I was met at the airport by Luke and Mother Dearest, and ice cream. I was met in the driveway by a fat and sleepy Moses, who was immediately nabbed and cuddled, dirty wet feet and dew-soaked fur and all. I was met in the doorway by little tiger Kai. I was met in the living room by the rest of my most amazing family.

I was in the door less than a minute, and Emily handed me my slightly belated birthday gift.

Hardcover. Beautiful. New and perfect and thicker than I expected it to be.


If it hadn’t have been midnight, and if we didn’t have B&B guests trying to sleep in the next room over, I definitely would have screamed and freaked out and been jumping up and down. As it is, I had to content myself with hyperventilation.

I am one of the first people in the world to hold this book in my hands. It was released to the public on the 22nd. And it’s mine now. Well. I know what I’m reading this summer.


Oh. And. This is Kai, by the way. Don’t believe I have introduced my blog readers to him. Actually, I don’t think I even told you we were getting another pup…maybe I did. Don’t remember. Anyhow. Isn’t he the best?

Yes. He’s precious and fat and a rascal, and the best little border collie pup in the world. I can’t tell you how beautiful it is to have a dog again. Since we lost Tess a couple autumns ago, there’s been something of a hole in our home. I’m so happy it’s being filled again. =) Kai is darling. I’ll be posting many pictures of him, probably…I haven’t unpacked Telcontar, my spiff-tastic 60D, yet (thus the lame borrowed-from-online pictures)…but once that camera is dug out and dusted off…well. I’m sorry in advance for the probable flooding of my blog with lambs and puppies and barn cats.

…speaking of lambs, I haven’t met them yet. I’m off to the barn! Tschüss!

Oh goodness dickens, it’s wonderful to be home and jumping straight back in to life. I’ve missed helping with the inn and the barn chores and everything. I’ve missed being in a house that is so saturated with oldness and content you can fairly smell it. Age is an amazing thing. =)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. mariertps says:

    O.0 if you aren’t careful, I’m going to steal Kai. <3 And your new book. *beams* Glad you are home!


  2. Bessie Lark says:

    Noooooo I can’t see the picture of Kai. *glares at computer* *tacklehugs you* And that was a great idea of Em’s. =D


  3. sarahtps says:

    Huzzah for homecomings! Luke mentioned Kai in class, but I had no idea how ADORABLE he is!
    Also, on a semi-random note, I approve of your camera’s name. *nods*


  4. rebeccadfox says:

    Goodness Dickens? Have I been rubbing off on you?


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …did I say that? Oh. Gosh. I did. Yes, this most definitely is your fault, my dear Didi. Gee thanks. Give me a sec to go put on my pouting face.



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