Congratulations to my Brilliant Sis =)

Yea. Emily’s graduated.

I was going to just repost her post on her blog about it, but I wanted to boast a little bit first.

She’s the Salutatorian (had the second highest GPA in her class), and is epic, and brilliant, and awesome, and yea.

Also, she is heading to Germany come July 1st, and won’t be coming back for two years…Grad School all the way, baby!

I’m so stinkin’ excited for her. YEA EM I AM.

However I’m also not happy that she’s going to Germany.


That’s ok.

I’m more excited for her than I am sad for me. For the moment. ;)

Go check out her short and sweet post over here. And see the epic picture I took of her celebrating her gradumacatedness.



I took a bunch more pictures, but I’m not going to post them because I’m too lazy. Pretty much. Yup.

…and I’m really sad that Em won’t be at Hillsdale anymore because that is one of the most beautiful places and now I won’t have excuses to go back. Except Ems roomie-of-four-years Katie is staying another year, so maybe I can go see her…I hope so. =)



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