Finals week has destroyed my brain and it’s barely even started.

I just spent a good 45 minutes completing a review of my Dance Production class (which needs a ton of help if it’s ever going to actually be a good class), in which I gave many suggestions and wrote out all the things that need fixing and gave a wonderful critique of the entire thing and basically typed out what was equivalent to probably several pages’ worth of my thoughts and ideas on the class…

and something happened as I clicked submit and it didn’t go through and I lost it all.

Well. Guess they aren’t getting my thoughts, then. Because I am so not writing that all out again. That class isn’t worth the time it would take.



On another note, my exams are tomorrow, and then I’ll be done. Glory hallelujah how the heck did that happen.

Also I found out that I only have to be at Hope for the first three weeks of May because my May Term classes are both only three weeks long, and I thought one of them was four weeks. SOMEONE THROW A PARTY WITH ME. You have no idea how elated this makes me. I get to go home sooner. I get to go. home. in a month. Heck, in three weeks and a couple days. What. How.

I’m so happy. So. Stinkin’. Happy.


Also I think I’ve just about finished my final draft of my paper (just need to edit the conclusion!), and it’s so much better now and I feel so much better about it and I just really hope Dr. Gruenler likes it too…because I still know I could do better. But…not as much better as the first draft could have been done. So at least I’m closer, now, I think, to actually having something that’s complete and good.

So I am content. =)


Also it’s been the bestest weather today. Alternating between hot and summery, cool and spring-y, absolute torrential downpour raining-buckets, and gorgeous warm summer rain with lighting and thunder. And it’s so beautiful.

I forget how much I love rain…real, pretty rain. Not the gross wind-driven cold wintery rain. the happy, gentle, warm, pounding, summer rain. It’s beautiful, and it smells good, and thunder makes me so happy. =)


…and I know I’m overtired and overstressed, despite my best intentions, because I’ve started reversing letters when I type words, or just typing the wrong word all together (and then looking at the sentence and going, gosh, I KNOW I was thinking the right word…I just didn’t write it…ha).

But. I can see the light. We’re so close.

I just really don’t want this year to end, though, because I actually know people who are graduating now. And I would really rather they just…stay. Forever. Because I’ll miss them a lot.


And, last but not least, I had the oddest dream last night and I still don’t know what to make of it. I dreamed that I met my soulmate and future love-of-my-life in a public restroom, and his name was Michael Andrew Fox and he wasn’t cute, but he made up for that in manners.

Yea. I know. That was my reaction too.

…I mean, of all the romantic locations to meet your future spouse…

I woke up this morning and just sat in bed for a few minutes staring at the ceiling while my brain went, “What. What. No. What are you doing. What. Stahp.”



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  1. sarahtps says:

    You like rain? I’ll send all ours your way, then.
    Sorry you lost your Dance Production review. That stinks.
    Also, with the exception of the bathroom bit, that sounds like an ok dream. And I like the name. I may have to borrow it sometime.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Only certain rains. The wintery rain is gross. the sort that is just a constant unchanging fact all day, that’s slanty with the wind, and that goes along with the completely slate-grey solid overcast sky and no thunder or lightning. That sort of rain isn’t good. It makes me sad.
      But summer rain is the most beautiful thing…the sort that happens when half the sky is blue and clear and the other half has piles and miles of mounded cloud that’s so dark blue-grey it could almost be black. The sort of rain that comes while the sun is still out, and that falls straight down with no wind and just the most beautiful smell and sound and feel, and which is warm and sweet like happy tears, and that goes along with the deepest rolls of thunder and lightning in broad daylight, and that doesn’t last all day but comes off and on as the clouds roll overhead. That sort. That sort of rain is beautiful and happy and one of the best things.
      Thunderstorms at night are nice too. But the daytime summer rain is the best. =) <3

      Ha. Yea. It was actually a really happy dream and it made me feel all cozy inside. Until I woke up and realized just how weird it was…And you may have the name. ;)


      1. sarahtps says:

        Guess you don’t want our rain, then. It’s miserable and grey and nasty. Oh well.

        That’s good. I’ve had one or two dreams involving me getting married and they felt weird even when I was in them. And thank you.


  2. mariertps says:

    The last bit…. O.0…… child, can we have a talk about your connections? xD


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Yea. Uh. I don’t take responsibility for what happens in my dreams after worst-day-of-the-month experiences during the waking hours. XD Yesterday was absolutely rotten in many ways. I think my brain just decided to take matters into its own hands and make me happy in weird ways.


      1. mariertps says:

        *pats* Just… stay out of public bathrooms. ;P


  3. You should come to Germany, where they have co-ed bathrooms. That would really aid the soul-mate-finding process.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …it was a co-ed bathroom in my dream…
      Maybe this is all foreshadowing. I shall go to Germany and find my soulmate in a co-ed public restroom and life shall be wonderful!
      This is so awkward.


      1. That’s actually exactly what I was thinking. Not awkward at all.



        1. AnnaEstelle says:

          Hahaha. Ok. So. What you’re saying is, you go to Germany. I come visit you. You take me around to all the public co-ed restrooms. We hold up signs for polite, un-cute guys named Fox. I get married. Is this how it’s playing out? *grins*


  4. Dragonslayer says:

    . . . somebody’s subconscious seems a little desperate . . .

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