*randomly gets email from Teen Ink saying a photograph I submitted a couple years ago has been chosen for publication in their print magazine*

*has absolutely no idea what this means*

…they didn’t sound too excited about the fact…am I supposed to get something out of this? You know, a present, a copy of the magazine it will be published in, congratulations? A pat on the back? A high-five? A friendly smile? At least just some sort of…half-civil…nod…? No…? Ok…

I’m confused.

But yay for me.

Em, a picture I took of you is now going to be in a magazine that will apparently be viewed by half a million subscribers.

Hah. You’re famous.

Personally, I think it’s a pretty rotten photo. Not because of my subject (*angelic smile in the direction of Sister Dearest*). Because of my un-knowledge of photographic-ness-es. The photo is this one.

I’m weirded out by Teen Ink…Always kinda have been…huh. Whadaya know. I guess I’m just awesome.

Yea. That must be it.


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  1. Lulu says:

    Anna- you are already too used to the praise and prowess of the big time magazines. You roll in those paychecks like its nothing.

    So when a dinky, pathetic magazine about making self-conscious emo teenagers feel better accepts one of your photos no one cares.
    You gotta stay after the big boys, don’t mess with those lower invalids who’s magazines are nothing but fodder.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Well. That was pleasant. o_O
      Hehe. Nah. I don’t expect Teen Ink to do anything for me, and certainly not to pay me. They dun do that. But I do wish they had included a little more info in the email they sent…it literally just said, “Congrats! Your photo has been chosen for publication in the print magazine! It will be viewed by an estimated half-million readers.”
      and then I’m all like, Bro. Srsly. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. Also why do I care…


      1. Lulu says:

        Wow, half a million self-conscious emo teenagers in the world o___o save us.


        1. Jacob Cullum says:

          Luke, you made me laugh out loud while I was brushing my teeth. Congrats. XD


          1. AnnaEstelle says:

            This, my friends, takes skill.


  2. Your Resume groweth.


  3. sarahtps says:

    Congrats. Even if it’s awkward and out-of-nowhere.



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