Off the Farm

Favorite food, favorite color, favorite book. these are all normal things to think about, and to have. Favorite outfit, favorite study nook, favorite coffee shop. Everyone has one of these. But what about smell? How often are we asked what our favorite smell is? Not enough, I think. Smells are lovely, and since we let all our other senses have favorites, we should give scent a chance too. I’m allowed to be deep every once in a while. I think favorite smells say a lot about what is important to a person.

The smell I find the best is Spring. Not just any random spring smell, though. My absolute favorite-in-the-world scent is the one that’s so faint you can’t even really smell it – you have to taste it. You just barely catch a hint of it when you open your mouth and breathe deep and taste the air with…

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