One thing you learn in college:

How to master the art of writing a research paper with legitimate research and good, solid sources without ever leaving your dorm room, setting foot in a library, or holding a real actual source book in your hands.


…or wait…no, never mind. You don’t learn that in college. You learn that when it’s late, it’s cold out and the library closes in half an hour anyway, the research paper is for a dance class so it automatically isn’t stress-worthy, and it’s 11:00 the night before the thing is due and you haven’t started it yet…

I’m such a good student, I surprise myself sometimes. *Halo of Complete and Utter Innocence*


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    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Haha. Oh no. Way more sneaky and awesome than that. Google books. And finding a second source that quotes from the book you want and just stealing their quote/citation and not actually quoting the second source at all. *pops collar* *adjusts sunglasses*



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