Back to square one…?

We didn’t get the six-person apartment.

Soooo now we have like three days to find another person to fill a four-person apartment with me, Katie, and Nicole/Becca. Hopefully it works. Nicole had someone contact her a couple days ago about possibly living with us. Here’s hoping she hasn’t found somewhere else to go already…Arg.

Also, if we didn’t get the six-person spot…what are the chances of us getting a four-person place? I know there are more four-person than six-person apartments. Like way more. But still. Well. I think we’ve got a good chance, if we can get a fourth person. I have lots of credits, thanks to Belhaven’s stuff transferring, so that should be helpful. Apartments are given to the people with the most credits first. Well. Yea. We’ll see. The due date for those applications is Thursday or Friday this week. Guessing, if we can fill an application, we’ll hear back next monday.

This is all way too complicated and annoying. I am so done with Housing. -_- …gosh…


But. In other news.



Oh my gosh.


They flipped around the inside picture, with the lamp. It is weirding me out a lot because it just looks so wrong backwards XD But no one else knows which side of my house the Lilac Tree is on, so its all good. *grins* …Ahhhhhhhh. =)))

Now. When I see the paycheck, I will be even more excited.

However now I also am thinking spending it on a better camera is stupid and I should put it towards school. -_-


3 Comments Add yours

  1. YOUR MOTHER COMMANDS YOU TO BUY A NEW CAMERA! This is your opportunity Anna to upgrade. You are limited with what you can do with your current camera. Think how much more you can improve if you had a new camera. If photography is to remain a part of your life – then you NEED a better camera! If you use that money on anything but a new camera, then I will just cry….and you do not want to see mummy dear cry do you?


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …O_O woa. Ok then. Well that settles it. Hehe =P Hmph. But if I put that money towards May Term, then I could stay for May Term without feeling quite so guilty…? Maybe? =P hmph. Arg.


  2. Shanda says:

    CAMERA! This is the start of a career (or at least a very nice money-making hobby) so think of it as an investment in something that will pay itself back after a few sessions:) It’s worth it Anna and you know it:)



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