Your stress is stressful. And squishes.

When I like people a lot, I obsess over them.

No, you shouldn’t be scared.

Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous or creepy.

It’s ok.

…hey…hey wait…why are you backing away?

I didn’t…wait! Hey! Come back!



Something I have been coming to realize recently is how much time I spend thinking about…people. People who I like. It’s almost a bit alarming. When I like someone, I think about them constantly. Quite literally. This doesn’t happen with many people – only the very, very special ones, or the ones who I don’t really know that well yet but want so badly to be friends with because they fascinate me and I think they’re really nice or cool or both. (I have learned that this wanting-to-be-friends thing has a name, especially when it’s mutual – two people who secretly want to be friends with each other but think the other one doesn’t know they exist. Apparently it’s called a squish. I’m not entirely sure why, but I like it. It’s fun). Anyhow.

There have been only five or six people in my life so far who I have had this problem with. And yea, I said problem.


Gosh. I can’t do homework if I’m wondering what you’re doing. I can’t read if I am thinking about how much I wish you would be my friend because you’re awesome. I mean come on. Multitasking is so not actually a thing.

(unless it involves eating chocolate, tying shoelaces, or puppies.)

…sheesh. And I meant this to be a serious post. So much for that.


Another thing I’ve started noticing more is how much the moods of other people affect me. It’s also a bit annoying. If people I like (especially if they are people who I also have been thinking about a lot) aren’t having a good day, my day suddenly becomes lousy too. If they’re really stressed about something, suddenly I am too (although not about the book report or presentation or whatever it is they are stressing over. I stress out over their stress. “You’re stressed. Why are you stressed. You shouldn’t be stressed. I LIKE YOU TOO MUCH FOR YOU TO BE STRESSED! Stop! Stop being stressed!! Don’t do it!!! Gosh! this is stressing me out so mu- …wait a minute.”)

What? I mean, can’t my own book reports and presentations be enough? Gracious.


Also, now I want puppies, shoelaces, and chocolate.




…there really was no reason for this post, was there?


One Comment Add yours

  1. mariertps says:

    *blinks* uuuuuuuuuh okay then. *pats cautiously* I have never heard of a squish before. xP



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