Well, here I am…

…not at Hope College.

I made it in to Grand Rapids. IN TIME to catch my shuttle. I freaked out all day as I watched my flight get pushed later and later, but I STILL MADE IT HERE in time to catch Hope’s last shuttle back to campus at 11:00pm!

But am I on campus right now?


The fates are conspiring against me. I hate the Fates. Bunch of losers. -_-

the adventure begins last night. Well, two nights ago now, since it is technically tomorrow as I’m writing this. Mother Dearest and I drove to Burlington and spent the night in a hotel near the airport, so as to avoid driving in freezing rain on our back roads that the town never takes care of. So I spent the night in a hotel. Then I got to our tiny adorable wonderful airport at 7:30, for my 8:45 flight. However, that didn’t board until 9:30. Then we sat on the runway until 11:30 because some genius over-fueled the aircraft so much that they literally couldn’t even move it. What? How does this happen? Really?

Then we finally took off and I spent less time in the air than I did on the runway. -_- By the time we got to a gate at the Detroit airport and were able to get people off the plane, it was almost 2:00pm and my connecting flight to Grand Rapids was, of course, canceled.

Thankfully, there were two other flights to GR going out, so I booked it to the earliest one and got my name on the waiting list for a seat. Then overpriced airport food happened. It was kinda meh.

The flight I was wait-listed for was supposed to have left at noon, but it was delayed until 2:30.

Then until 3:00.

Then until 3:30.

Then until 4:30.

Then until 5:30.

Then they gave up giving us a time and just said it was delayed until the plane got in so we could actually, like, get on it.

I sat in the Detroit airport from 2:00pm until 9:00pm. It was actually kind of fun, up until about 7:30. I read my book and hacked their internet.

When the plane we were supposed to get on finally got in, they had all sorts of difficulties getting it ready to fly out (since it was negative 41 degrees with a windchill. It’s kinda lame that I had my coldest-ever experience not in Vermont. -_-). And from about 4:00pm onward, the temperature inside the airport started steadily dropping. My feet went numb at about 5:30, and are only just starting to thaw out now…*grins*

Anyhow. I boarded the plane at about 9:00, and then we sat on the runway until 10:30. Airplanes are stinkin’ COLD inside when it’s negative 41 degrees with a windchill. The last hour was like torture.

Anyhow. I was all happy because we took off just barely in time for me to make it back to Grand Rapids and catch the last shuttle to Hope. But then I got in at GR and the shuttle driver had called me and left a message saying, sorry, we’re not coming, it’s too scary. Which, let me pint out, I completely understand. The roads here are frightening. Especially the not-super-main-drag roads. And it’s snowing a lot and apparently Michigan forgot what snowplows are? The drifts are feet deep.

So then I had a few minutes of panic mode happening. But the police dudes were nice and showed me where the hotel guide was. And I called Mommy (AT LIKE MIDNIGHT I’M SORRY) and she called a hotel and got me a room and everything. And a really nice lady who I sat next to on the plane offered to bring me home with her and spend the night with them, and then she gave me her phone number and made me promise to call her if the hotel didn’t work out. And then some other random girl on my flight came up to me and showed me where to go to wait for the hotel shuttle. and everyone was surprisingly kind. I must have really, really looked lost XD

Then I got driven to this enormous hotel by some very loquacious dude at 12:30am. It was totally awkward. He started asking me all these questions about the “boy scene” at Hope. I kinda did my best to evade them without coming right out and saying, um, I don’t actually ever talk to any boys at Hope so I have no idea what they are like.

I dunno how successful that was.

But then he started telling me all about his mom’s cats, so it was ok.


And now I’m sitting on my king sized bed at one o’clock in the morning posting on my blog and eagerly anticipating free breakfast tomorrow because I haven’t eaten since that overpriced airport salad I had for lunch. Except now my feet are thawed out and I’m too tired to really care about being hungry.


If the Fates stop conspiring against me, I will get a ride back to the airport from the hotel tomorrow morning and get on the 8:00am shuttle to Hope.

I hope.

Ha, get it? I hope? Hope? No…? …ok it’s time for me to go to bed now.


I’ve had enough of public transportation to last me for like, ever.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. sarahtps says:

    Hoping you make it the rest of the way to Hope safely!


  2. grannyandpoppy says:

    That could be a Short Story! You should definitely go into writing. Very enjoyable to read – but maybe not to actually live. Keep writing – and keep warm!

    We finally arrived in south FL yesterday. Temp is really bad – only 53 degrees today. Ha. But back to 70’s tomorrow. Poppy


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      ONLY 53 degrees?That’s almost bare feet weather! According to the radio, it’s somewhere between -20 and -30 here at Holland, with the wind chill. It’s like a frozen tundra.


  3. ashleytm says:

    Hehe! Ahhhhh I miss airports so much. I’m glad you made it back without too much damage…though I highly recommend some chocolate and tea now *nods* =P


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Tea. Yes. Tea is happening. However I have no chocolate…I need to remedy this.



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