So I go home in exactly a week.


Assuming I live until then, that is. I got three hours of sleep a couple nights ago, and am thinking the next several nights are going to be quite similar.

I had my last Jazz, Tap, and Folk/Social/Swing Dance classes yesterday. Cue the Hallelujah Chorus. Angie made us Disco in Jazz. Never doing that again. Ever. You hear me? EVER.

Today I have my last Nonfiction Creative Writing class, and my last Ballet class, which is sad. I’ll miss those. Especially Ballet. Though Dr. Childress is wacky and amazing and has the best and quirkiest fashion sense ever and her class has opened my eyes to the awesomeness that is creative nonfiction.

Tomorrow I have my last German class (Thank the heavens I LIVED) and my last Tolkien Literature class (I may cry. But I probably won’t, as I will be too happy about the fact of NO MORE HOMEWORK and NO MORE TEN-BAZILLION-PAGE-LONG READINGS TO DO IN TWO DAYS, awesome as they may be).

However, though my Must-Do-By-Finals-Or-I’ll-Die list is a good bit shorter than it was at the beginning of the week, I still have a…formidable amount of stuff left staring at me. For instance…

– A seven-page research essay to write by tomorrow morning at 8:00.

– I probably should start studying for my German final before like the day of…

– Revisions to make on my personal essay, and a complete from-scratch re-write to do of my memoir…by Monday morning at 11:00. *blam. dead.*

– More revisions to make for my Tolkien Lit final portfolio. I need to come up with ten intelligent questions about things we have read over the semester, expand (like a lot) and revise my Dialogue paper, edit my poem in alliterative verse, edit my Old-English meter Riddle poem, revise the research essay that I haven’t actually even written yet, write an introduction to that whole compilation of work that talks about connections between them (wait there were supposed to be connections?), and make sure the entire thing is over 25 pages long. By Tuesday evening. …What…

And that’s just the homework. I also am going to be gone this evening and half the night at a Nutcracker rehearsal, which I will be late to because of my class. And then I’ll be gone half the afternoon tomorrow doing Sacred Dance stuff for a church, and I’ll be gone all tomorrow night at the Opening Night performance of the Nutcracker. Then I’ll be gone all morning on Saturday for Sacred Dance final meetings, and all evening and half the night for the second and last Nutcracker performance. Then I’ll be gone all morning Sunday doing Sacred Dance stuff at another church. Then monday morning my CW portfolio is due, then Tuesday evening my Tolkien Lit portfolio is due, then Wednesday noon my German final happens, then…

I leave thursday morning.

So. Much. Stuff. Has to happen before then.

…*dies* not gonna make it.

Yes Mr. Gimli, so it seems.






Because who doesn’t want a perpetually fouette-ing dancer on their blog?

That triple. I’m jealous. -_-


4 Comments Add yours

  1. vtgrandview says:

    ooooooo…….Anna doing disco! I wants to see that! o_o


    1. Lulu says:

      Wow how did you learn how to do the ‘o_o’ emoticon? XD


    2. AnnaEstelle says:

      @ Mommy: No. No you don’t.
      @ Luke: Hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahha


  2. grannyandpoppy says:

    We’ll be praying for you!



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