I’m proud of me…

Guys…I am ahead of schedule on my novel. This is pretty much a miracle. I have no idea how this happened. As of now, I have 43,202 words. I had 36,000 two days ago. I wanted to get to 48,000 by Wednesday, when I leave for Thanksgiving. I’m ahead of my self-imposed schedule, as well as the NaNo schedule. …I think there is actually hope that I shall finish this.

I posted earlier this month that I was hating my nonfiction novel idea and wanted to switch to something else. I didn’t end up doing that – I have been working on the memoir the entire month. And…really loving it. I am so glad I decided to try nonfiction. I have realized though that…there is so much I want to go into this novel. 50,000 words isn’t anywhere near enough to get it all down. And…now that I have started, I don’t think I could stop. I want to finish this one. I want to finish this novel. I have never really done that before. …I mean, I have completed the first drafts of two novels, but I have never carried it any further than that. This time, I want to. I want to edit this. I want to make it good. I want to turn it into something that I can self-publish, one day, if I’m brave enough. And I’ve got my whole life to work up the nerve, so…I think that’s enough time for me to edit. =) I’m really proud of what I have so far. The writing quality is probably awful (I wouldn’t know – I have only been writing it, not reading it), and I have been skipping all over the place and just writing whatever scenes come to mind in whatever order they appear, so I will need to do a whole lot of reorganizing, and editing out when I introduce the same person twice accidentally because I forgot I did it in a different scene before. But…I’m really proud of the work as a whole. I’m proud of myself for getting this far, with this topic. I’m proud of myself for looking back into the things I am writing about, and having the guts to re-live them. Memory is a wonderful thing, folks…but sometimes, often, it really hurts. I’m proud of this novel. =) And maybe, one day, when it’s done, I’ll send it to some people as my letter of apology to them. Hi guys. I wrote this kinda for you. I’m sorry I was an oblivious jerk.

Or maybe I won’t. *grins*

…this whole novel-writing experience is rather confusing sometimes, though, as I am giving everyone, including myself, different names. Just to make the editing that much easier, because if I ever show this to anyone the names will all have to be different to protect the innocent. Or not-so-innocent. *mwahaha* …no worries, all I am writing is the truth. you’re all safe.

Although 90% of the time the truth is far more dangerous or unpleasant than fiction…so idk, maybe you should be worried.

thus the reason I’m never showing this to anyone who knows me until I edit the heck out of it. XD hehehe.

…and I can’t decide if I should give places (towns, my college, roads, etc.) different names too, or just the people…for now, I am only doing it for the people because otherwise I would go INSANE. but. Yea.

Also I just realized I have a gal named Tessa and our dog was named Tess and I’m not going to change the animals’ names because that is far too confusing so I’m like wait…Tessa and Tess. Nope. Can’t do it. That’s too much like Saruman and Sauron.

Geez. What was Tolkien thinking.

So now I have to change Tessa’s name, but I already have finally just gotten used to calling that particular person Tessa and I like…really don’t want to change it. Plus I am ALL OUT of name ideas that aren’t like, Sally and Bob. TOO MANY CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK. I know too many people. -_-

…Ok. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight world.


Fellow NaNoers, I leave you with this…

You’re welcome.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lulu says:

    Good luck with that Rebekah.


  2. mariertps says:

    *jealous* I have about 20k to get in between now and the 30th. Someone, pin me down and turn off my internet.


  3. Dragonslayer says:

    Huzzah for you!


  4. Jacob Cullum says:

    If you do decide to distribute your novel at some point, I’d love to read it. *nods*

    …and I’ve now been reprimanded about not writing by The Doctor. Ouch. *must go write*


  5. sarahtps says:

    That’s awesome, Anna!



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