Why I Freak Out – A Lesson in Anna’s Insanity

this post is not going to be coherent and it is going to be full of freaking out, both good and bad. you have been warned.


I have so much stuff to be doing (homework, novel) right now…I honestly have absolutely no idea how I am going to get everything done on time…*dies*

and maybe that is part of the reason for this post.

Because I have been getting like essentially no sleep, so I’m overtired (understatement). and then things happened. Good things.


Starring Kenneth Branagh as Macbeth. And starring Alex Kingston as Lady Macbeth.

Alex Kingston, guys. Alex Kingston. ALEX. KINGSTON.

I am freaking out so much right now and I’m not sure why but I think it’s because of the exhaustion and gosh I just miss Alex so much and she NEEDS to come back and I may or may not have spent several minutes over the past few weeks searching her name on youtube to find out what else she is in because something about her is so completely magnetic and i can’t figure it out but but but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just want to see more of her and and and LADY MACBETH??!!?? How perfect can you GET. I MUST OWN THIS. THIS MUST COME OUT ON DVD AND I MUST OWN IT.

for those of you who are woefully ignorant, Alex Kingston is River Song in Doctor Who. I don’t hold with fangirling, but River Song is the closest I have ever come to doing so. I just…O_O…idk. Something about her. I can’t get over it.


Help. I think I died. …though I must have gone to heaven, because Brannagh AND Kingston, in SHAKESPEARE together?? yea I def died and went to heaven.


Also they are showing the 50th here tomorrow night. 11:00pm. …guys I’m going. I’M GOING. And it will be AWESOME. And my life stinks right now but it’s so AMAZING and and and…So much stress, so little sleep, way too much to do and think about and somehow complete before I go insane…but DOCTOR WHO and TOLKIEN and why is my life so contradictory. I think all the epic things are just put here to make me go crazy. -_- never enough time for all of it…*facepalm* my novel is going to die. My homework is going to die. I am most definitely going to die.


also the coffee shop down the road is going to have a TARDIS out front tomorrow.

Somehow in between sacred dance, enormous amounts of homework that I will NEVER get through, and novel-writing that is going to be the death of me, I’m going down there to check it out and take pictures and THIS ROCKS.

I love this town.

…but right now I have too much homework to do to even know how to begin and I’m nearly 5k behind on my novel and Nicole wants to have a movie day and I do too because this is the last chance we will have to watch RotK before Christmas Break and she wants me to show her Doctor Who (seriously guys, Nicole is coming around. I am improving her life. By the end of next semester she will be just as geeky and insane as I am. \m/)…and she hasn’t ever seen Doctor Who…and I miss him so much…and I need to somehow take a mental break from all the literal insanity that has been the past several weeks…I don’t think I can keep going without some sort of break. but at the same time a break is the last thing I need because afterwards I will just be freaking out because I’ll have even less time to do everything I need to…

fyi, don’t be alarmed if I post a list of the things I need to do before the end of the semester on here at some point. Making lists in public places somehow makes me calm down a little bit and realize that maybe possibly there is a slim chance that I might perhaps be able to do it all after all.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. mariertps says:

    Ohey, I saw that play last year at BJU. O.o … *pats peach cautiously* take it easy before you bust something. Just keep looking forward to break =D


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Macbeth is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Lady M is one of my favorite villainesses. I dunno why. I just can’t not love her. I love villainesses in general, for some odd reason, and Lady M is…absolutely brilliant. Pairing her with Alex Kingston, though…is…sublime. somehow i will see this, someday.


      1. mariertps says:

        Villainesses are fun. xD But I always end up feeling so bad for Lady M… after she starts having the nightmares, of course. I forget how she dies though.


  2. Jacob Cullum says:

    Oooooh, epicness. Kenneth Branagh is amazing.


  3. taethiel says:

    Butbutbut…*sniffle* You can’t see it before I get to watch it! Iwanttoseethe50thsobaddd. *facepalm* And I won’t get to until it’s out. Which’ll prolly be forever. Gahh. O_O

    And no spoilers. NO SPOILERS, you hear??

    *sad face* *headdesk* =P


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Lol. Don’t worry. I won’t give you any spoilers, tempted as I may be. River has trained me too well. ;) hehe =P …*dies*…*wants River to come back* *sad*


  4. Lulu says:

    Yay…wedontcare…good for you Anna… yayoahyaldf



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