Brisé Volé is a Wonderful Thing

I’m trying desperately to get my homework finished so I can write the day’s required NaNo words…1.5 K today, or thereabouts. But I can’t seem to concentrate on anything. I’m switching between composing papers in German and reading The Death of Arthur…which I already read a way more interesting prose version of over the summer, so that’s not helpful. And plus, I can’t get the brisé volé exercise from my Ballet III class today out of my head. No matter what I am working on, I keep ending up finding myself sitting here staring into space with the Bluebird variation from Sleeping Beauty running through my head. -_- Shoot. So then I looked it up and watched the Bluebird doing his amazing brisé volé stuff a bajillion times in a row, and I just…wow.

*points down* check out the first fifteen seconds, folks. We did this in class today. \m/

…’course, it didn’t look quite that good. But I totally rocked it. Thank you Helena and your amazing SDA training! Everybody else was like…wut dat.

and also this guy crosses the stage too fast (it’s much more impressive when he takes the whole music to get across, instead of doing it in place at the end. And I feel like this stage isn’t as big as some…) And I don’t like this fellow’s costume nearly so much as some of the others from other performances I saw on youtube (i dun like wigs in dance, ever since I had to wear one. XD), but most of the others had really bad quality filming, or…the guy’s technique just made me shudder. =P Also, 90% of the other videos were of the entire pas de deux, instead of just the coda, and I only wanted the coda because that had the Bluebird doing the brisé volés. The entire pas de deux is beautiful, but it’s kind of long. And I’m mostly interested in the brisé volé. (for the whole variation, check here. I like. The brisé volé part starts at 4:35).


Someday, I will be able to do that.

I love brisé volé. We usually only ever do just brisés (which is the first half of the step – when his legs are going forward, and leaving off the half where they go backwards. Not as fun). …also I think just brisés are a lot harder because your momentum kind of stops…


this is why I love ballet…

*groans and goes back to Arthur dying* -_- what a loser.

I mean seriously, he kind of is. -_-



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