Next Semester and NaNo

Because it’s always NaNo in November. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

And I promised Dragonslayer I’d write and do homework now, but I’m posting here instead…Please accept my apologies, oh great and magnificent god of chaos. Or in other words: sorry dad. O=)



not literally.

I’ll be taking 16.5 credits, which is not bad. I’ll have to pay for the half credit , though, because Hope only lets you take up to 16 credits without paying more. WHAT IS THAT. -_- and if you take over 18, you need written permission from the registrar. So lame. I JUST WANT TO TAKE EVERYTHING, OK? all so cool. *thinks of Hermione* I need an hourglass to turn back time.

Anyhow. So it’s 16.5 credits, which isn’t bad. However. I will be taking a grand whopping total of eight classes. I’m in seven this semester, so it’s not like it’s that much more. And I realized yesterday that two of the classes are only the second half of the semester, and one is only the first half, so it’s all good. I not scared. =D …only I am still scared about getting from the Knick to the Dow, but whatevs. I’ll learn to fly. Here’s the classes I’m registered for:

German II – I’m not happy about this one because I really wanted to take it with Dr. Forester, not Dr. Cunningham (who I have this year), because I don’t like how Cunningham teaches…we literally do not speak in German in the class ever, and he literally does not speak in German in the class ever either. HOW THE HECK DO YOU LEARN TO SPEAK SOMETHING IF YOU DON”T EVER PRACTICE?? I know, I can’t figure it out either. But I am stuck with Cunningham because I can’t take the section with Dr. Forester next semester, since it is at the same time as…

Old and Middle English – This is when you should start playing the Hallelujah Chorus. I don’t remember if I posted about it on here or only thought about posting it on here, but ever since I started getting more seriously into Tolkien, I have wanted, so badly, to learn to read and pronounce Anglo-Saxon (Old English). Middle English too, but especially Old. But I would never have a chance to take a class in it unless I went to grad school, which right now at least, I don’t want to do. But then Dr. Gruenler, my advisor/Tolkien Lit prof, said he would create an Old/Middle English class specially for me and some of the other students in his Tolkien class, because we all had been talking about how much we wanted to learn more of it…So. I am taking Old and Middle English. This is…kind of a miracle. I wasn’t going to take it, because it conflicted with another class that I need for Gen Ed requirements…but I reworked my schedule FOUR TIMES, just to fit it in. I’m sososososo happy about it…I may die, as I have noooo idea what homework will be like or how much we will be learning the language rather than learning to read the language, but…I’ll die happy. =) anyhow. Moving on.

Drumming – a required class for dancers. Used to be Eurithmics, but they switched it to Drumming this year. It’s only half a credit (what.) and it’s only the second half of the semester. I think we learn about rhythms and stuff and how to work with them choreographically. idk. It sounds weird. but I’m in it with at least two other Sacred Dance girls who rock, so it’s all good and I’m excited.

Ballet III – I’m in that this semester, and I’m just really happy I managed to fit Ballet in again =P

Modern II – With Angie this time, instead of Matt (who I had last semester when I took Modern II). It will be interesting to see the different teaching styles…Matt rocked, though, and I’m sad I won’t have any classes with him.

Intro to Dance Production II – Didn’t take Intro to Dance Prod. I, since you don’t have to take them in order. Dandce Prod. I is all about stage direction and lighting and technical theater-y stuff. I’d love to learn about that too, but Dance Prod. II is…a lot more interesting to me, so I went with it instead. DP II is learning about stage makeup, costuming, and stuff like that – maybe sets too. AHHHHH. So excited. This is stuff I’ve really wanted to learn about too. yay.

Informal Logic – Another half-semester class. this is in the first half of the semester. It covers a Gen Ed philosophy requirement. I had no idea logic was philosophy. Shows what I know on this subject. Obviously never had philosophy in my life, much less logic…well, I kinda had logic. A little bit. A really long time ago. XD

Sacred Dance – This one I am only taking because if I didn’t I would only have 15.5 credits and I need all the credits I can get so I can graduate early.I’m really excited for it, though. It’s only the 2nd half of the semester, which is sad, but I’m really glad I can take it. Sacred is something else I would love to learn more about. And plus I know other people who will be in it and they rock so it’s all good, AND the teacher is Julie, my Ballet prof, and she is amazing and wonderful and a good head and shoulders shorter than me. <3


…was that eight? I think that was eight. Yup. That will be my life next semester. I may or may not die, since eight classes means like no homework time during the day. But that’s ok. Sacred, Modern, and Ballet will have no homework, or very very minimal homework (like, one paper due sometime before the end of class, or a weekly-ish reflection on something. Piece o’ cake). And I’m guessing Drumming won’t have any real homework either…so there’s that. German will be interesting, though. -_- I hate that that is four days a week. And I won’t be able to sleep later than 7:30 every day except thursday again. -_- shoot. Hehe =P


Now I’m going to go study for my German exam that’s tomorrow, read Tolkien’s Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that has to be read by tomorrow, work on my novel THAT HAS TO BE WORKED ON TONIGHT OR I’LL DIE, and all that jazz. See, NaNo isnt helpful to bedtimes. I already am staying up until 11:00 or 12:00 doing homework. Adding NaNo on top of that is just cruel. I’m insane. And I like it. =D

Also, thank Dragonslayer, everyone. I was going to add a postscript to the end of this post relating to NaNo and saying things that no one would like to hear. Seth saved the day.

For once.



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Dragonslayer says:

    Bad child. You’re supposed to be working.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      *whimpers* yes dad. sorry dad. i’ll be good now dad. *crawls away with metaphorical tail between legs to study German flashcards*


      1. Jacob Cullum says:

        …when did Dragonslayer become your dad? o_o


        1. AnnaEstelle says:

          I really have no idea…


  2. juliel1tps says:

    Drumming. Yes. You will love it. =D


  3. Lalaithiel says:

    Does this mean you’d be my niece? O.O


    1. Dragonslayer says:

      We went over this. No, she won’t, because she’s my deifically adopted daughter. You’re not deifically related to me, just biologically. You’re related to my current human incarnation, while Anna is related to actual god of Chaos.


  4. mariertps says:

    *eyeroll* *remembers conversation from earlier* “ya mom. It isn’t fair. I’m friends with a bunch of walking, talking dictionaries. Mhm, they are all geniuses… I don’t even remember why they talked to me in the first place…” xD


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Rofl. I am definitely not a genius. Or a walking, talking dictionary. I know someone who is such a dictionary, though…but not me. XD haha. We all have our own interests and strong points. ;)


      1. mariertps says:

        Maybe so, but I’m on the other end of a dictionary. ^^ True.



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