Germany is cool. German vocab is not.

Doing my German homework and learning all about how Germans don’t have air conditioning, and think it’s a waste of energy and money, and that all that unnatural air is unhealthy…how Germans have windows in their houses that are specially designed to be open and stay open, which have no screens (so you can sit in them O_O) but which are specially designed to still keep prying eyes and hands out of your home when opened…How the German school system works, and how Germans don’t use their university dorm rooms as a place for socializing…how German dorm rooms come with LOTS OF BOOKSHELVES, and are typically single rooms…How Germans see gardening as good for you, not just a hobby that most people don’t partake in…How Germans don’t have private transportation (like personal cars) in near the volume that we do, and instead use public transportation or *gasp* use their legs and walk…

…How Germans like garden gnomes O_O

See. I shoulda been German.


…and then I wouldn’t have to cram hundreds of German vocabulary words into my head in one night, to be regurgitated the following morning on a quiz and then absolutely forgotten because oh look, there’s a hundred more to learn in the next single night to be regurgitated in another quiz and then completely forgotten because there was never actually time to learn them in the first place…and after a week of this, to suddenly have to be able to remember every single one of those many many words, along with their gender (which is not predictable by any sort of system or method save pure luck) and their plurals (which are always different and also impossible to predict according to some rule or system) for a test, even though I’ve definitely not forgotten them because I definitely never knew them in the first place.

Honestly. I’m good at memorizing, I like memorizing. But Herr Professor Doktor C, give me more than six hours please before you move on to something else entirely without a backwards glance until the test which I get graded on. Gee wiz.

yep. def should have been german.

also college is, I believe, free in Germany and then I’d be able to call it Uni which is inestimably cooler than…”college.”

*goes back to erasing all memory of last night’s vocab with this night’s, and listening to German newscasts which I get nothing out of except a headache because they talk too fast about things I know nothing about* darnit.


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  1. vtgrandview says:

    But your ancestors were German….does that count for anything????
    And… the way…..your younger sibling sympathizes with you…..


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Yea…it does. =D My ancestors are cool. \m/

      Ha. Tell him I could talk to him all about my clothes, my roommate, my family, my house/dorm, my town, my yard, my hobbies, and my personality…if I hadn’t forgotten it all three minutes after I learned it. =P
      I should be able to hold a decent conversation in german now. If I actually knew any of the stuff I “learned” -_-


  2. Dragonslayer says:

    Pfft, you should have been Welsh. That’s where it’s at.


    1. Jacob Cullum says:

      The Welsh language is cool. *nods*


  3. Lulu says:

    Huh, I could have sworn Germans hated Jews and captured them and tortured them… then again I could be thinking about something else.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …as far as I know, no one ever mentioned the Jews or world wars or anything…? Whatever does air conditioning and garden gnomes have to do with that? gosh, your thinking pattern is weird.
      Also, while your statement may be true of some Germans, it is not true of all Germans. And thus cannot be an argument against all Germans as a whole.
      Think about it. Americans did and still do some pretty cruel things as well. Why was the Civil War fought, for instance? …oh right…something about us enslaving our fellow men…? Huh. Imagine. We do it too.
      Don’t accuse other countries of monstrosities before you take into account the monstrosities your own country commits. ;)


      1. Lulu says:

        You were talking about how amazing Germany was and why you want to go live there, I was pointing out one major flaw.


        1. AnnaEstelle says:

          …is the Holocaust really still happening…? funny, I thought that ended a good while ago…huh. My history books and German culture software must all be wrong. Sorry about the confusion.


      2. Lulu says:

        That doesn’t mean it can’t happen again, Germans are still at fault no matter how long ago it happened. And to think about it, it really wasn’t that long ago.


        1. mariertps says:

          Go stick thy head in a beehive, Lulu. -.-
          Sowwy Anna 0=) but he is coming awfully close to blaming me for the Halocaust…


          1. AnnaEstelle says:

            No worries. I echo your beehive suggestion. Now, to find one big enough…


  4. sarahtps says:

    I don’t know about being German, but going to Germany, even living there for a while, would be awesome.

    I feel for you on the German vocab.


  5. mariertps says:

    Ikr? I wake up every morning and sob into my pillow, “MOM WHY COULDN’T YOU HAVE BEEN GERMAN?” No not really. (Yes really) ^^



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