What They Don’t Tell You About Farming

Off the Farm

modeled on Philip Gerard’s What they Don’t Tell You About Hurricanes

What they don’t tell you about farming is the closeness.

When you spend your life to grow things and care for things and bring them new into the world, you get attached. I think of each animal on our farm as part of the family. The sheep, llamas, rabbits, dogs, cats – they’re all my brothers and sisters, in a way. Part of who my family is as a whole, part of our life. An indispensable part.

I get up in the morning and head to the barn. It’s the center of all activity, at my house. It’s where the hay is kept, the feed stored, the halters and shepherd’s crooks and pitchforks hung. It’s the place from where all life on our farm radiates. You step in the door, and you’re surrounded. Dust motes lazing in golden…

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