i got nothin.

but who needs titles, right?


this week was auditions for Dance 40 (faculty-choreographed dance concert). I meant to go to all the non-Jazz, non-Tap ones. But then I realized I didn’t WANT to be in any of them but the Pointe piece, with Julie (my ballet teacher, who is amazing, and whose piece I was in for Dance 39 last year). So I only auditioned for that one. because if I got into one I didn’t want to be in anyway, when I already have too much homework during the week anyway, and so little sleep happening…that’s just not fun. =P I thought Julie was going to be taking six or nine dancers for her piece.

Until ten minutes into her audition, when she said she was only taking…three.

That’s when freaking-out started happening.

After the audition, I went back to Christina’s (a fellow dancer, who…helps keep me sane here) room with her, rather than coming back to mine. There were two hours to wait, until we could go back to the Dow Center and hear the names announced of the dancers who made the cut for the various choreographers. We both spent the entire two hours checking the clock every five minutes and freaking out. a lot. and talking about dance back home, and missing our studios. a lot. and out old teachers. even more. …but mostly freaking out.

and nights like this make me miss home and dance so much. because dance here…is not the same. nothing’s ever the same as your home studio. It’s great, but…it’s not the same. and you miss your own teachers.

but that’s a subject for a whole nother blog post…anyhow.


We freaked out. I got no homework done (on the one weekend that getting a lot of homework done is…a must.) And I wasn’t cast for a piece anyway. I didn’t expect to be. But like. I totally wasted the evening and got completely freaked out for nothing…seriously I haven’t cared so much about an audition in my life. Not that I’ve done too many before. =P But still.

So now it’s near midnight and I’m writing this instead of doing homework, and when I post it I’ll go back to school stuff again and stay up early doing work, and then wake up at 5:00am tomorrow morning to go to work, then leave at 10:00am to go on the Sacred Dance retreat, that I can only stay for the first half of because I’ll be coming back late tomorrow night with someone so I can get up at five and go to work again on Sunday, and then not go to church because I’ll have a paper to write before Monday morning, not to mention the rest of my homework that has to happen somehow between now and then.

…which is why I’m sitting here telling myself it’s a good thing I’ll not be performing this year.


not performing.

that sounds like a crime.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. mariertps says:

    *hugz* (I need to give you a nickname so I can use it constantly) x} I know just how you feel. Well, sort of just how you feel. When I found out I had to quit running… o___o the horror. I even stopped eating.


    1. Bessie Lark says:

      You had to quit running? Why? *hugs Marie*


      1. mariertps says:

        Umm… unfortunate circumstances? *hugz* Stubbornness, too prideful to listen to what a teen girl had to say, failure to see the red flag and the need for safety, etc.


  2. Lulu says:

    This is when drinking beer becomes a staple.


    1. mariertps says:

      That is another question I have about guys. Why must they always be obsessed with beer? xP *grins* ;P


  3. Dragonslayer says:

    Not performing–a criminal offense punishable by up to five years in jail without parole, or a $4500 fine followed by fifteen years as a starving dance major. And that’s if they don’t press charges.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Which is why I’m not a dance major anymore. just a minor. so not performing is now only a criminal offense against upbringing, tradition, and life as I knew it, punishable only by regret and homesickness, or a $500 fine followed by a year of telling myself if only I could go back to the Stowe Dance Academy…
      And that’s if they don’t press charges.


      1. Dragonslayer says:

        Yeah. If they press charges, you’re sunk.



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