random college stuff for whomever it may concern

I’m reading my Tolkien/Medieval Lit homework. And I just really want to be a linguist and read Anglo-Saxon and form clubs specifically for the reading of Old Norse sagas and the drinking of beer. I mean, what is there about that not to like? …except for the fact that beer is gross and I don’t like learning languages that much… I like knowing them, though. Seriously, if there was a class in Anglo-Saxon, I would be SO there.

And hey. I did it, guys. I told my Roomie about Doctor Who, and my obsessions therewith. She now definitely thinks I’m crazy. Because I was simultaneously reading a biography on Tolkien and spazzing out with his awesomeness, AND singing along to Les Mis, AND Doctor-Who-Fangirling. …it was a scary moment…

I went to an intervarsity biblestudy thing last week ALL BY MYSELF. It was a major Anna’s-out-of-her-comfort-zone moment. I have no idea if I’ll go to any more. Probably not. It takes up half my friday -_- which is my epic-homework-doing day.  And also they made us do stupid icebreaker games for the first half-hour, so my respect for them pretty much went through the floor. And we didn’t do anything and there were so many people and the entire time I was thinking, I get WAY more out of the Sacred Dance bible studies than I am getting out of this.

I went to the LIBRARY one night last week PAST 9:00PM to study. This has never happened before. I also went to the Pine Grove and lay on my quilt and studied, which has also not happened before. Branching out, yo.

I’m doing my best to survive as long as I possibly can solely on salad and fruit. Dining Hall Food 101 – it’s always worse than you remembered it to be the semester before. I had all summer to get used to amazing, real, home-cooked food again…darn it. *sigh*

I’m trying to look at this place through un-biased eyes, and say it’s beautiful. I have only had a little bit of success so far. I’m also trying to think of this place with an un-biased mind, and say it’s good. Having even less success there, but at least I’m trying. And theoretically this could be my second-to-last year here anyway. If I get an adviser and they help me figure how to graduate in three years. That is oh, so exciting. Also terrifying, because I have no idea what I’ll do after college. Living at home the rest of my life is a much-wished-for option, but one generally frowned upon by the world. Also then I’ll so never find a husband. *grin*

I keep seeing my kitty in my dorm room, out of the corner of my eye…of course she’s not really here. I suppose I just miss my cats.

Listening to Mumford & Sons makes me happy and sad at the same time because it makes my miss my Sister Dearest, but it’s really awesome. And my desk is a wreck and I need to put money on my laundry card and I need to figure out getting a job but none of those things are happening yet. Also dance is fun and I miss my mountains a lot.

The end.


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  1. grannyandpoppy says:

    Dear Anna,

    Don’t give up on the inter varsity bible study thing. It is a good place to meet other Christians. Learn to enjoy the present and stop worrying about the future. Trust that God will take care of your needs. Remember God’s timing is perfect. Love you and want you to enjoy your college experience.

    Advice from Granny


    1. Lulu says:

      Listen to your grandmother. She’s baws.


      1. AnnaEstelle says:

        You know it, mahhhn. \m/


  2. Dragonslayer says:

    So wow all your professors with an epic anglo-saxon saga about the new Beowulf.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      I no speak Anglo=Saxon. Butbutbut soon we’re gonna learn more bout the poetic style they use andandand O___O YES.


      1. Dragonslayer says:

        You should just get a degree in British Isles Folklore. That would be amazing. One of the professors at Houghton College has one. And I want to read that epic once it’s done.


        1. AnnaEstelle says:

          No worries, you def will, if it’s any good. XD


      2. Dragonslayer says:

        Nuh-uh. I get to read it no matter what.


  3. If you want to get a Ph.D in English Lit, I think Anglo-Saxon is part of the coursework for that ;)


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      I know…that’s the problem though. I don’t want a PhD. Don’t have money for a PhD either. I just want to take some of those sorts of more specialized classes…-_- =P


  4. mariertps says:

    Ghost kitty? =P You know, there is a kitten, Prince, at the barn who is obsessed with my riding boots. ^^ *iz going to ship him to you*



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