Pizza Oven Updates

We’re building a pizza oven. It’s been in the planning stages for probably a couple years now, but we didn’t really start working on it in earnest until this summer. Annnnd now, it’s almost done. A couple nights ago we finished putting on the last insulation layer, and now all it needs is the stucco and the chimney. Rock on, Dad. We can technically start using it now.

The product of many late nights and much hard work and careful measurings on my Daddy’s part is nearly complete.

And I got to play with silhouette photography and it was fun.


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  1. Jacob Cullum says:

    Ooh, epic. And I like the pictures. *nods*


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      thanks. =) The silhouettes all have sort of softish edges…which annoys me XD I want to play around with this again, earlier in the evening so I can have an even faster shutter speed and see if that takes care of that. Hehe. It was a lot of fun, though.


  2. taethiel says:

    Yay! Now I want to see it in person. Hehe, I remember the first time I came to your house, your mom was telling us about your plans for it… golly, it’s been a long time since then. >_< *needs a TARDIS*

    And I like the pictures. =)


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      come visit. Next summer. and stay for a month. and we can have pizza. =) …wow, really? Like…that week in April? That was over two years ago…wow. I guess this thing’s been in the planning for longer than I thought. …goodness, it seems like lifetimes ago that you guys were all here…


  3. sarahtps says:

    You’re building a pizza oven? Cool. Oh, and I love the pictures!


  4. Tiberius Shift says:

    Pizza okay you’re making me hungry this is not okay. -_-


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      You’re welcome. =)


      1. Tiberius Shift says:




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