The insanity of a new school year has begun.

I spent a night this week going through my booklist for the fall semester and comparing the prices from Hope’s bookstore with the prices from Amazon and Alibris. Generally, Alibris has the best prices, I’ve found, but it was not so this time around. They didn’t best Amazon once. (Because, with Alibris, you have to take into account that you’ll spend about $4.00 extra on each item you order, for shipping. Since they all ship from individual sellers. [meaning you order ten books, you get ten different packages. funfun.] You also have to be very careful that you are ordering the correct edition or publication, since the picture is not always correct. I accidentally purchased the International versions of a couple of my books from Alibris last year. They are the exact same book as the normal one, only the cover is different and the college bookstore won’t buy them back. Fail. Also, another warning about Alibris: sometimes your books take like three months to get to you. That’s rare, but…occasionally, they never show up. =P However, if you’re not ordering textbooks, I do recommend them: you can find a loooot of books on there for less than a dollar. Epic. For textbooks, though, I’d stick with Amazon. they seem more reliable.)

Large asides aside (see what I did there?), I’m going to get all my books from Amazon this year. And I may or may not be guilty of picking the hardcover editions for most of the books for my Tolkien class…especially the ones by Tolkien himself that I don’t already own (which is only two: the Annotated Hobbit and The Fall Of Arthur. YAY for FoA. *excited*) Hey, if I’m extending my Tolkien library and not shopping at a used book store in person, I’m def going hardcover. Plus Amazon will give me free shipping on a couple other books, so I figure that makes up for it. *grins*

I’ll be spending approximately $325.00 on my books this year. Even after taking out the Tolkien books I already own and thus don’t need to buy. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. My German textbook alone is about $200.00 AND there’s no Used option AND it isn’t on Alibris or Amazon so I have to get it from the bookstore at Hope, which is ALWAYS more expensive. -_-

And I have no idea what my school address is yet. My roommate told me but I don’t believe her because she gave the street address of the dorm building, not the address stuff gets actually SENT to. Which I think is just the mailroom’s address but I DON’T KNOW. So I’ll wait to find out until I get there and they give me a sheet of return address labels that I’m supposed to give to my parents as incentive for them to mail me stuff (but really I’ll just keep them because my family is way too awesome to need incentive to mail me stuff, and then I can use them when I mail letters to epic people and I don’t have to write out my whole address every single time because it’s super long and annoying. yep).

I’ve also started a list of all the stuff I need to pack. And a few things I should buy. And things I need to accomplish before I leave (IN ELEVEN DAYS. Guys. I leave in ELEVEN DAYS. school starts in sixteen days. WHAT THE HECK. Someone help me I’m dying.)

The start of this school year will be weird. Last year the beginning was kind of nice, in a way. They crammed the first couple weeks so full of orientation stuff and job fairs and activity fairs and meetings with various advisers and other official people that they scheduled for me that I didn’t have time to think, much less breathe. This year I have to do all my own scheduling. And there’s no orientation to fry my brain to the point where I really don’t care what all is happening anymore. Darnit.

The prospects of another year of college are both terrifying and awesome. Awesome because it means I really did, in fact, make it through the first year. Like, that happened. And if I can somehow graduate early…that would mean this year is my second-to-last. I’d only have one more. …actually I’m not sure if that is exciting or even more terrifying. =P Terrifying because it means…I have to do it all over again. I have to somehow survive living in a young-adult-farm, where I only ever see people my age and there’s just. so. many. of them and nobody really cares about anyone else because they’re too busy being shallowly engaged with 34,998 other people to make and friendships that are deep and meaningful and maybe actually *gasp* lasting. I can’t tell you the number of times in a day someone would say “hey, how you doing?” to me, and then walk away without even waiting for an answer. I mean, seriously, folks. If you don’t wanna know, don’t ask me.

Idk maybe upperclassmen are different.

My head is imploding.

Which is odd, really, seeing as it’s so full of insanity right now. It should be EX-ploding. O_O

Also, in terms of the new-blog-thing, I am right now liking Em’s suggestion the best: “Off the Farm.” Unless any of you have any other ideas in that same general area…? Also I need a good tagline. I’m taking suggestions for that too, of course.



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  1. Bessie Lark says:

    *hugs you* Don’t implode. Please?


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …but ex-ploding is ok? Got it. *makes mental note*


      1. Bessie Lark says:

        No. *erases mental note with mental white-out*


  2. ashleytm says:

    stop scaring me. I just ordered most of my books from Alibris. -_- Except Math, which everyone wanted like $5,000 dollars for (kill me now). So I got that one from my college bookstore. O_o it was significantly cheeper there *headdesk*


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Hehehe. Alibris is AMAZING. I got almost all my books from them last year. It was totally fine except for one book, which ended up being like a month late because the post office it was shipping from got like flooded out or something…idk. =P But that was the first time I had books not show up on time. So yea. I think they are mostly good, you just have to make sure you order the right edition. haha.
      …wow. my college bookstore is like…three times more expensive than everywhere else combined. -_- …O_O and I don’t think I ever asked you what classes you’re taking. We should fix that.
      *hugs you* don’t die. =) <3


      1. ashleytm says:

        well I told Alibris that I needed my books kinda fast… hopefully they’ll get them to me and nobody will get flooded before then. -_-
        For the rest of the books, it was. I dunno what the deal was with the math book.
        erm I’m taking Bio, Chem, two Bible/religion type classes, math, and I’m supposed to take an english, but I might get out of it.
        O_O <3 Bio. <3.


      2. AnnaEstelle says:

        The math book must be special. Or off the black market. One or the other.

        …those hearts around “Bio” are scaring me. 0_0 hehehe =P Awesome. =D getting out of classes is always great =P


      3. Bessie Lark says:

        Come on, Anna, “Bio” deserves hearts. *sigh* I miss it a lot…*glares at chemistry*


      4. Bessie Lark says:

        Oh, and math books are definitely special. *hugs Precalculus text* *bounces* *grins at your o__O expression*


      5. AnnaEstelle says:

        Eew, no, not Bio. Chem, though…that was pretty fun. *grins* Chem was cool. Bio was torture -_- …it would have been way better if I’d done it with TPS, I think.
        And math books are special in a totally evil way. -_- You enjoy your pre-calc. I’ll stick with my nice calculator any day. *pats TI 84* he’ll protect me.


  3. mariertps says:

    Yew por gurl. Dun worry, I’ll still be here to give you lots of unhelpful encouragement and the odd comment. :} And if you disappear for too long, well… 0=) *halo glows*


  4. College books are so overpriced. I am using my networking skills to try to cut some costs. I might be able to by books off of other students, or even borrow books from friends for the semester for a LOT less than the listed price. Why do these books cost so much? *shakes head*

    And be happy you are leaving in 11 days…my rehearsals start tomorrow and my classes start a week from tomorrow o.O And my job…lol, I think it officially re-starts a week from tomorrow, but I am being called in tomorrow as well =P


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      I know. It’s insane, and it’s stupid, and it isn’t fair. Especially since we’re already in-debt college students. -_- They should have a little mercy.

      Oh fun. Is this the job that involves death-by-junk-food again, or the job that involves death-by-sugar? …or a different job at your school? hehe =P …agh. I need to find an off-campus job this year. To go with my work-study job on campus. …and I should probably add an eighth class to my schedule. …I’m officially insane. o_O \m/


      1. I know. I mean, there is no reason those books should be that much. Similar books with similar information costs less than half the amount of the textbook because they are not considered “textbooks”…it is all some big plot to make us all broke -_-

        It would be the death by sugar job. I am not even going to think about a second job till the show is over. Maybe not even till late spring, going into summer. Just depends on my schedule and what I am up to at the time, I guess.


      2. AnnaEstelle says:

        Yes it is. And I’m already broke and my bank account is in the negative numbers AND I sold my soul to the bank and they STILL want me to pay $200 for a dumb German textbook. What the heck. -_- haha =P

        Ah, ok. *grins* I like sugar. We had ice cream late last night, and…my reaction scared me. *facepalm* sugar and late hours are bad enough…but when you throw stress in the mix, I kind of go insane. hehe =P What is your show? O_O



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