I have an addiction.

You know how I’m absolutely shameless when it comes to the fact that I still carry my security blanket around with me everywhere? Like seriously, if I’m gonna be gone more than a couple nights, HE COMES WITH ME. Yea, my blanket’s a he.


That’s not actually my addiction. That’s just a really pathetic psychological dependency. Or some scientific sounding thing like that, idk.

But you know how a baby blanket will usually have satin around the edges? Soft and shiny and pretty and all that? My security blanket did. Once. Long ago. It has been literally loved right off by now…mostly. The tattered remains of the satin edging still cling to the poor little nasty-shade-of-green fella, but they aren’t pretty. Like at all…o_O you wouldn’t wanna touch it with a ten-foot pole, probably.

When I was little, I’d sit on the floor with my blanket and rub the satin edges between my fingers. I would do the same to make myself fall asleep at night. Pretty much whenever my blanket was with me [read: always], I would be playing with the satin. It made such a lovely, soothing sound, and it felt so funny and nice. That’s part of the reason the satin is destroyed now. I rubbed the life out of that sucker. </3

Then I got a wool coat before going to college last year. Like a cool awesome dressy one. And it has a silk lining. Not satin, but…it makes the same noise and feels the same as my blanket lining did. If you were to catch me walking around campus in that coat you can bet your money that I had at least one hand tucked up inside a sleeve or underneath the bottom edge, rubbing the silk lining between my fingers.

But now it’s summer.

My coat, needless to say, is not in use. My blanket is missing all the cool fuzzy-ing-ness of the satin. It has been since college started. (well, it was 90% gone looooong ago, but there were still a few spots that still felt cool and made cool noises when you rubbed it. But then I washed it once in the washing machine at school. the evil washing machine that shrinks everything you put in it by two sizes. Yea. It came out with no more cool satin. =P it now looks like someone died on it. =) *pets* *hugs*) MY LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE.

But. Mother sent away two of our woven wool baby blankets to be edged with satin. She just got them back today. There were a couple scraps of satin left over. She handed one to me.

Hasn’t left my hand (or pocket) since. Hope she didn’t want it back because it’s totally MINE now.

*rubs satin* O_O *mesmerized stare* *drools* O___O

Guys I think I need rehab.


…*takes piece of silk satin to bed with me* <3 my buddy.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. vtgrandview says:

    Ok…rethink gift idea for Christmas….bag the River Song wig…..look for new “blankie” for Anna with real silk binding…..amazon?


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      O________________O whatttt nooooo! Not a NEW one!! O___O You can’t replace my blanket!!! O_O …just…maybe sew on new satin…? O_O
      hehehe XD


  2. mariertps says:

    xD My security blanket problem is much worse than yours, Anna. See, I rubbed it so much that it became a certain kind of soft… that I haven’t seen sold anywhere. o.O *bawls* The day it falls apart, I’m going to the asylum.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Lol. I have hauled my blanket around to so many places for so long that is is actually almost more hole than blanket now. The patches I sewed on now need patching…XD Haha. I used to be way more dependent on it than I am now, though…Now I can manage to actually fall asleep without it. O_O Sometimes…*cough*
      XD I pathetic.


      1. mariertps says:

        xD I can go to sleep without mine, but it takes a lot longer. *pictures self staying up till midnight*
        Is it a homeschool thing? This having to have a security item? xP


      2. AnnaEstelle says:

        Yea. Same here. If I haz Blankie, it doesn’t take nearly so long. =) And Blankie became doubly useful at college…he acted triply as a sound deterrent, light deterrent, and sleep inducer. *grins* I’m betting my roomie thought I was insane when she would come into the room at 2:00am and I’d be sound asleep with my blanket wrapped around my face…
        Lol! I don’t think it’s a homeschool thing. Just what you;re used to, how you’re raised. And definitely your personality plays into it too. My sister has a security blanket too, but she was all done with it by the tine she was eight or ten, probably. And she never carried it around like I did. My bro had one too, but it’s been long since lost. They both are more extroverted and outwardly confident than me. By like a lot…XD haha.
        I was a weird kid. =P


  3. Lalaithiel says:

    O.o *grabs all silk and satin in sight* *holds tightly lest Anna come and take it* You are a sad, strange little ma’am. You have my pity. *cough* Toy Story 1 quote. xD I can proudly say I have no security blanket like some people I know. ;) I just have this stuffed-animal that may be a cow, a pig, a dog, or a hippo. Yeah.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      You may keep your satin. *pulls scrap out of pocket* I brought my own. =) *settles down in corner to play with fabric* <3
      *grins* Oh, I have a hippo too. He comes everywhere with me as well, if I'm going for more than five or six days. *nods* My blanket comes if I'll be gone for more than two days, though. Blankie is more speshul. *pets* I carry him around the house with me. Especially in the winter. <3
      …I think I need to put a disclaimer on here proving that I really AM nineteen and a sophomore in college…XD


      1. Mandy Corum says:

        Anna, I am 25 years old and am still the proud clinger to my B. (mine is a He as well) B was the same type of blanket as yours but white. Silk is long gone from my chewing it off around 2 years old. And his color is now an off white. But, even after being married and in my mid 20s, he stays with me. Find a husband that accepts that! B goes with me on any trip, even if its just one night. So don’t feel bad, I am more pathetic than you are :)


        1. AnnaEstelle says:

          Hey Mandy! Long time no talk. Or see. You should visit us. =D
          …Someday Mother is going to get mad at me for randomly extending invitations to visit to any and everyone who I happen to be talking to, be it relative, friend, coworker, or random stranger…*grins* Oh well. =D
          I’m glad I’m not the only legal adult out there who still sleeps with a security blanket. \m/ Rock on. The attachment to security blankets must run in the family. ;) Maybe it only effects the youngest daughters…I think Mommy still has hers somewhere. Haha. I laugh in the face of pathetic. *pets Blankie* ;)



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