*has a moment*

*a Doctor Who moment*

there are many of those.

Anyway. I decided that I don’t care if two characters in the story I’m “writing”** are named Mari and Ari. I just won’t make them get in conversations very often, and it should all be good.

And I also decided that, to make up for the weirdness of that, I’m changing the name of the inn to the Girl in the Fireplace Inn and Tavern.

Even though it’s a little bit long.

Because I can.

And if I ever have a tavern, I’m totally going to name it that because that’s an epic tavern name.

We won’t mention the fact that it’s kind of already…been used. Hopefully no one will sue me. Which they actually can’t because no one of any importance will ever read my story because I’m never going to get published, so. It’s all good.

I want a tavern now. So I can call it Girl in the Fireplace. I’d make a beast tavern owner. Actually I take it back, I really wouldn’t at all…maybe I could just wash dishes or something.


…and yes, Rebekah, this means you were successful in your skype-ish pleas last night, and I worked on my writing today. I.e. I deleted half of it. Woo. Not sure if I can bring myself to attempt to add any to it now or not…>_<



Anyhow. Another Doctor Who moment. This song is perhaps one of the greatest things in the world ever. John Barrowman rocks. So does Captain Jack.

…actually that is not the entire song. they cut part of it out of the middle weirdly for some unknown reason. But I like the video better than the other ones I found. The full song is here. Or actually here too:


Jack: “It’s a real pleasure to meet you, Mr. Spock.”

The Doctor: “…???” waitwhat. who said anything about Spock. Rose Tyler, you little…

His face. XD



and so now I’m going to watch Season 1 again. Because I miss my Doctor. <3 Nine was always the best. Always will be.

…and plus, he has like an actual real British accent which I can copy. Tennant is Scottish. So it’s way too hard to imitate his British. Because it’s fake. …which is somehow totally weird to me because I’ve like never heard him talk in anything but a British accent and so when it’s just him being him it’s like wait. hold on a minute. …say what again?

…though Smith is British too. And I can’t imitate his accent either. …Conclusion: Eccleston is just better.

Or something.

anyway yea.

Maybe I should change my major to Tavern-Running. I’m going to buy one now so I can name it Girl in the Fireplace.

…and I’ll only cater to Hobbits and Time Lords (though the Time Lords will be allowed to bring their +1).



** yea I put “writing” in quotes. that would be because the last time I actually ADDED to it was like a week or two ago. and it’s only 6 pages long, out of a theoretical finished length of 20-25 pages. and my writing skill is currently at zero and I don’t even care. which isn’t helping either. so. deal with it. =P


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily says:

    That was cute. <3

    Also HOW do you imbed songs like that?? (below the youtube)
    I thought you could only do that if you bought an upgrade to wordpress or something.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:


      Nope, I embedded that from grooveshark. You can only like, upload music into your posts if you buy the upgrade…but I didn’t upload it, just embedded it, so yea. Here’s a link that explains how to do it: http://arcblazen.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/tutorial-how-to-embed-grooveshark-widget-on-your-wordpress-com-and-how-to-play-music-automatically/
      It’s epic. *nods* And apparently you can also put together like playlists using the same method, and make the music play automatically when you go to the page it’s on, and all that jazz. Interesting. If it didn’t always completely annoy me when websites have music that automatically starts playing when you go to them, I would try it out…


      1. Jacob Cullum says:

        Ooh, cool. I hadn’t figured out how to do that yet. *will now be able to embed grooveshark songs*


  2. Lalaithiel says:

    How come everything I know about Dr. Who came from you?? =P


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      quite simply because I rock. =) *bows*


    2. mariertps says:

      Heh. *laughs* Everything I know about Dr. Who came from a certain mod. ^^



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