I have a thing. Respect the thing.


But really, I do have a thing.

Technically, most people nowadays call these sorts of things “jobs,” I believe…a term very foreign to me, as I’ve never had one before and thus don’t really know what it is…

However, I do have a thing now. And have had for two weeks. \m/ The thing hasn’t killed me yet. And the thing is actually kind of fun. In a very thing-ish sort of way.


Yep, that’s right folks, Anna officially has a real paying job working for people she isn’t related to for the first time in her life. …Hey! Stop! I saw that face you just made! Stop feeling sorry for my employers! I’m really not that bad! -__-


I’m working for Luna Bleu Farm. And yea. I do farm things. It’s interesting. Luna Bleu is, I believe the largest (or the first…or both…idr) organic produce CSA farm in VT. Pretty spiffy, no? I get to hang out with tomatoes all day ;) Yep. I do things like kneel in the dirt out in the middle of an enormous field under the blazing sun for nine hours straight, planting tomatoes and peppers into 400-foot-long beds. And hoeing said 400-foot-long rows for another nine hours straight two days later. And pulling up grass in greenhouses for five hours straight. And punching holes in black plastic for plants to grow through for a couple hours. And taking trays of tomato plants out of a greenhouse, organizing them on tables, and writing hundreds of labels for them (I think I can probably write “King Arthur Pepper” and “Orient Express Eggplant” in my sleep now). Yup.


I totally just made it sound horrible. \m/ It’s not. I actually really like it. Except not saturdays because then I’m the only one there because everyone else works the farmer’s market and it’s just like mind-numbing. A plus side would be that I’ve got literally all day to just…think. Although. Actually, I take it back. That’s not a plus. =P

But I work with other people most of the time. There’s a couple WWOOFers, and an intern, and some other people who are hired for pay. Like me. They are…*ahem*…typical Vermont natives. You know, the back-to-the-earth, love-not-war, burlap-wearing, leather-messenger-bag-carrying, be-dreadlock-ed, many-layers-of-dirt-covered-and-hole-filled-clothing-wearing type. Although actually, none of them have dreadlocks. Shocking. But one of the men does have long hair. Which you know, I’ve never understood that. I mean, if you’re a guy, why would you want long hair? All it does is get in the way and make you hotter than you already are and then you have to brush it and care for it and it’s basically a pain. Why would guys willfully bring this on themselves? …*cough* *pets my hair* *ahem* ;)

which, by the way, means I decided not to cut my hair right now. The hair-petting does. I can’t bring myself to do it…agh. Maybe next summer? I’m just scared I’ll decide I like it and then never grow it out again. O_O That would be tragic. Very.

Anyhow. Yep. I have a job. First time ever. Well, actually no, I worked the Phonathon at school…but that doesn’t count because technically that was a part of my financial aid. =P And they gave me a free sweatshirt.


And now I have run out of things to say. Gotta go. The natives are getting restless.

i.e. my cat wants to be fed…


But I have a thing. =D


5 Comments Add yours

  1. grannyandpoppy says:

    Hope you are wearing a big sunhat to protect that beautiful skin. Granny


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      It’s a sunhat. I wear a sunhat now. Sunhats are cool.


      Yea. I have this totally rad enormous sunhat WITH A STRING TO HOLD IT ON. Everyone I work with is jealous. \m/ However, “that beautiful skin” has decided that it’s rather allergic to sunscreen. So. It’s not “that beautiful” anymore. *grins* =P Hehe XD
      But yes. My hat is amazing. Even though I firmly believe it makes me look like an idiot. But hey, who says there’s anything wrong with idiocy? =D *loopy grin* All the best people are crazy anyway. ;)


  2. “All it does is get in the way and make you hotter than you already are”

    Emphasis on hotter. THAT’S why they do it.

    *cough* couldn’t resist. I’m actually not a huge fan of long hair on guys.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Eewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww no. I’m sorry. When guys have pony-tail-length hair, it does NOT improve their looks. On the contrary. No offense to any guys I know who may have that long hair, but…just eew, No. XD


  3. mariertps says:

    Ugh. Guys, moral lesson here. Go. CUT. YOUR. HAIR. xD *points gun*



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