Winter in Vermont

yea, apparently it decided not to be over.

We ended up with four inches of snow yesterday. The barn kitties were pretty much in shock, and Katie (a school friend of Emily’s who is visiting) and I had to go out and rescue them and carry them to the hayloft Saturday night, so they wouldn’t freeze. On the way back, she may or may not have started a snowball fight…*cough* totally not my fault. *grins* Snowball fight in May? Why not?

It was totally epic.

But the snow knocked down so many trees. The way to church on Sunday was interesting…trees were down over the road all over the place. Thankfully we weren’t the first person out, so someone else had already cleared a path around most of them. It was really spooky, actually…seeing these trees with such startlingly green leaves lying across the road and stooping down low, loaded with wet snow.

I took more pictures Sunday morning. I tried to get some that showed how deep the snow was, but they didn’t work well…I needed an assistant providing a hand or something to compare it to. =P But anyhow. It was fun. All the flowers and lilacs here are bent down. I hope the lilac tree recovers. I love lilacs. I also hope it didn’t kill the apple blossoms. Daddy says it shouldn’t have…I really want apples this year. -_-

Mosey was really not happy about the snow…like at all.
I had to dig out the mint in the herb garden so we could cut a couple stems for a garnish on the B&B guests’ breakfast. The guests, by the by, were also rather…surprised…at the snow. Ha. When I uncovered the mint, a huge wave of mintiness floated up from under the snow. Ahhhhhhh. <3 I’m bringing a mint plant back to college with me next semester. Because mint will grow anywhere XD and then I can have a buddy to talk to. =)
This picture is epic. =P The barn cats were hiding in the turned-over wheelbarrow because it was dry in there…eew. Wet, dirty kitty feet. Hehehe <3
The lilacs, looking a lot closer to the ground than usual.

snowlilacs4 snowlilacs5 snowlilacs10 snowlilacs11 snowlilacs12

Well. The snow’s all melted today. It was all melted by yesterday noon, actually. That was kind of a fun little recap of winter. Except for the downed trees, that is. That part was sad…but still really beautiful. AND now there’s a whole lot more free sugarwood waiting…Daddy may take the truck out tonight with Us Kids and grab a load before the neighbors do…;) Downed trees in Vermont = free firewood. Act fast, or they disappear…

Mother posted one of my snowing pictures on facebook, with the lilacs and the snow whirling…it got a new record high of views/comments/reposts, and some city slicker idiot commented and said “Photoshop!!!” …really? No. This is Vermont, baby. We don’t DO photoshop. Our reality is far too cool for that. \m/


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  1. Tiberius Shift says:

    Don’t mind me I’m just in my TARDIS going back in time to all of your old blog posts that are stuck in my inbox and I WILL GET TO THEM ALL. MUHUAHAHA.



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