So people. It’s what, May 25th? And it’s totally snowing. And it’s totally coming down like woa. And it’s TOTALLY STICKING. Looking for a couple inches in the morning, maybe? Snowman, anyone? Who’s with me?

Not sure if I’m thrilled or scared.

One fact is for certain: Mud Season Round Two is starting up. Heh.

Love this shot. I’m not too thrilled with the composition, though…I really wish the camera was aimed a little bit more down, so more of the lamppost was in the shot. It looks too cut-off. -_- But there was this big sudden gust of snow and I didn’t have time to compose the shot perfectly before it settled down again. Hmph.
Snow. Like what. It’s the Melding Of The Seasons. I feel like this weather needs a dramatic soundtrack and some black-and-white old film effects…dun dun dun…
This picture is blue-ish because I took it in the evening dusk and didn’t adjust my white balance (because I didn’t know if I would put it on Shade, or Cloudy…there’s no Evening setting. -_-) And now it’s really dark out, which stinks, because there’s WAY MORE SNOW ON THE GROUND and I wanna photograph it. -_- Hmph.

So anyway. That’s Vermont for you. Loving every moment of it.


Snow. Come at meh, bro. \m/


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  1. mariertps says:

    Snow in May? *jaw drops* That is just… terrible. XD If we got snow here right now I would believe the world was ending.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Yep. And we ended up with a good four inches, and I went outside at 10:00pm to save the freezing barn cats and put them in the hay loft, and got in a snowball fight on the way back in. =) Itwasepiccccccc…but now it all melted. -_- I kinda wish it would stick around a few days. Because I’m weird like that. =P


      1. mariertps says:

        *sniffles* whydoInevergetsnow. *headdesk* We got like 1/8 of an inch this past winter and it melted overnight. Which was prolly a good thing, I didn’t like running in the snow. :P


  2. Jacob Cullum says:

    Haha, nice. And that first shot is completely epic. *grins*



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