We Never Cry Alone

God has a heart. And it hurts. Not with just with a few drops of ache, not just with a slow drip of sadness — His whole massive heart fills, swells, burns with this raw, relentless pain.

…The Lord of the Universe, He’s lashed Himself to us. And He didn’t need to. But He tied the knot Himself.God who hung the stars, He takes a thread of His heart and ties His to ours. God tied His heart to yours so when you feel pain — He fills with shattering pain.

So when we howl: “If there’s a God who really cares, He’d look at this world and His heart would break.”

God looks to the Cross and says – My heart did.

…It’s the quantum physics of God: one broken heart always breaks God’s in two.  We never cry alone.

And our crying God, He catches every tear in His bottle — God catches every falling tear because He’s keeping us from falling apart.

…Time only continues on in this impossibly suffering world — because God Himself is willing to keep suffering the impossible with us.

~Ann Voskamp, A Holy Experience –  How God Feels about Storms

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