CA trip part 4

Grand Finale of pictures, here. ;) We leave for the airport at 4:30 tomorrow morning, and will be officially on our way back east! To Michigan, pack up Em, and then hit the ROAD to Vermont. You folks have no idea how excited I am to FINALLY be going home!! I’m going to get home, pet the cats, catch the lambs and hug all over them, and then go up to my own bed in my own room and have peace and quiet and open windows and clean fresh air and NO PARTYING COLLEGE KIDS KEEPING ME UP ALL NIGHT. Counting blessings, right here.

Anyhow. Back to Cali. ;) Saturday we hung out. It was really nice. =) We worked some more with Aunt Sylvia’s glass stuff too, finishing up our projects. Pictures below. Y’all should be jealous. I have a rockin’ awesome glass artist for an aunt. whattttt. Anyhow. Yea. We didn’t do much Saturday. But I took a series of progressive pictures of our dinner at the request of Uncle David, specifically to make all you people back home jealous. His words, not mine. *grins* 0=)

Sunday we went out to brunch with a friend of Aunt Sylvia’s; Cindy. She was really really cool. I liked her =D We had brunch with her and then walked around a saltwater lake in the middle of Oakland, and went in this really cool modern-y enormous Catholic cathedral. That was fun. Then we came back and finished up the last of our glass stuff. Epic. We had a lovely dinner and me and Mother packed all over the place. ;) hehe =P Pictures are below. All you people back east: Look out. I’m comin’ your way. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. VERMONT. YES. FINALLY. …gosh, my future husband better not have problems with living in the country. =P

I. Am. Going. Home.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. ashleytm says:

    =( I’m hungry.
    Thanks, Uncle David -_- =PP


  2. AHHH the Venetian gondola is so awesome. Because, Thomas Mann.


  3. Bessie Lark says:

    I got your postcard!!! <333 *hugs you* Le hannon–it's gorgeous.


  4. Aunt Sylvia says:

    Sooooooo . . . . Lucy & Kitty have been sniffing around your room, coming up short of anyone interesting :-O We MISS you all and hope you can come back soon!!!
    Love, Aunt Sylvia, Uncle David, Kitty & Lucy


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Aww, sad! Poor kitties. They’ll have to find somewhere else to sleep at night. Hehe =) We miss you too!! We had to fill Emily in on the whole California trip in the car on the way home. Thank you so much for having us and taking us all over the city!! =D



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