CA trip part 3

More pictures. =) On Wednesday we went on a driving tour. First we went and saw the Crookedest Street In the World. A.k.a. Lombard Street. It was awesome. =P Although I would certainly hate to live on it. Then we went to Coit Tower, and took pictures of the view. From there we went on to the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked a quarter of the way out, all the way to the first big tower thing. Sooooo much fun. The whole bridge shook, from all the cars and the wind. If you stood still and put your hand on the metal railing, it seriously felt like the entire thing was about to crack apart and drop you a bazillion feet down into the bay. There was a phone box thing under one of the lightposts, like where you can call if your car breaks down or something, and the sign over it said it was for emergency calls and crisis counseling. Although I must say, if I was considering hurling myself off the edge of the bridge, the last thing I’d want to do would be to stand in the middle of the sidewalk surrounded by hundreds of other people, and talk to some strange person about why I was feeling suicidal. =P

So yea. We walked out and back, and it was really loud, and windy, and vibration-y, and cool. =))) And Aunt Sylvia told us about someone who went on a date with his new girlfriend and took her to the top of one of the big suspension towers, because he got permission somehow. I kind of think that would be epic…but I really also think if some guy wanted me to do that on our first date, I’d be like nopeeeeee forget you I’m moving on to the next eligible young man…

Unless he was a millionaire and promised to build me Edoras, that is.

Anyhow. After that we went to see the ruins of the Sutro Baths. That was cool, though we didn’t actually walk down to see them up close. too windy and cold, by that point. Then we came home and had a yummy dinner. ;) And I’m telling you, I’m going to have to go on like a bread and water diet for like all summer after this. I haven’t had so much good food in a longgg time…yay college food. =P

Then on Thursday we chillaxed. We had a nice leisurely morning and had tea for breakfast and sat around and played with the cats. Then we went to visit one of Aunt Sylvia and Uncle David’s friends in the hospital. On the way home from that, we stopped at a little used bookstore on the Island. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Anna went into book freak out mode. I’m telling you, they’re like drugs. Just being in the same room as them makes me high. <3

So I now have seven lovely new (old) books in my possession, including the three I got the other day (did I post about that? I can’t remember. We stopped at another old bookstore a few days ago.) Sososososohappy. <3 I now own a beautiful old copy of Pride and Prejudice, a similar lovely old book of Poe’s work, a copy of The Brothers Karamazov (yesssssssss), Shirley, Villette, and The Professor by Charlotte Bronte, and Le Morte d’Arthur (rendered in “modern idiom” by Keith Bates, but originally by Sir Thomas Malory). Funny story about that last book. I was in the store, already holding the three by Bronte, and debating whether or not I should get Le Morte too. It was $8.50, though, which is a good five dollars more than what I normally pay for my used books (poor starving college student, you know). I wanted it…but it was expensive…and not super pretty…butbutbut I really wanted it…and I couldn’t decide. I had finally made up my mind that I wasn’t going to get it when I decided I would flip through the first few pages just in case. I had already flipped through the middle a bit, but I wanted to see the table of contents. So I opened the cover and flipped past like the copyright info and stuff…and then I turned one more page…

And then it came home with me.

Because right there on the next page, staring at me in big beautiful letters was the dedication.

It said, “For Anna”

I melted. Actually, I think I died a little inside. And how could I not buy it after that? It was waiting for me. =) And I wonder who that Anna was, and why was the book dedicated to her? And and and…I think that was one of the best moments of my life. Turning the page and seeing my name right there. <3 *happy sigh*…*hugs book* =)))

…anyhow. *tears thoughts away from books* That was Thursday. After the bookstore we went out to dinner at a German restaurant (like, the menu was in German. And I was proud of myself because I deciphered the heading of the first page and determined that it had the day’s specials on it. TagespetzierensomethingorotherIbutcheredthatspelling. Yup. Just like that.

Yea. so then Friday. I didn’t take any pictures Friday (well I did a few, but I’m going to post them later, for reasons explained below). But Friday morning we went in the garage with Aunt Sylvia and she showed us her glass stuff (she’s a glass artist. So. Cool.) AND we got to play with it. =D So me and Mommy made some jewelry and we each got to make a little dish. Ahhhhhhhh! I took pictures of them before they were fired in the kiln the first time. They have to be fired again though so they aren’t done yet. I’ll post the before and after pictures together. Yea. =)

Then we went and got takeout lunch from Panera Bread and came back and did more glass funness (so addicting. I could do that all day. Hobbies are always so expensive though. -_- *sigh*). Then we went to dinner at an Italian place (wood-fired pizza!) and went to see the Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg (i.e., Russian). They were performing their Rodin, and it was spectacular. A full-length story. IN MODERN DANCE. I’ve never seen a full Modern ballet before. Agh. It was FANTASTIC. <3 Must see moreeeee. =))) I loved it. The story was about the sculptor/artist Rodin, and his relationship with his wife Rose and his apprentice/love affair Camille. So so tragic. I’m telling you, the best artists are all kinda loopy. …which says something about my chances at becoming an artist…(i.e. they’re really high…*cough*;) ). But yea. The performance was a bit risque…*cough* Not something I would take my little kids to (and indeed the people sitting in front of us who had brought their young daughter left after the first act XD)…but it worked brilliantly. Because Rodin was, after all, a sculptor, there were several scenes taking place in his workshop, with young women posing in the nude for him to draw/sculpt. Of course the dancers were not actually nude. They were just as close as you can get without being kicked out of the theater. *ahem* ;) Hehe =P But. It was fantastic. They way they used the human bodies to be Rodin’s sculptures was amazing. Ahhhhh. *dies* *in dance heaven* Modern is so. amazing. when done well. And the Eifman Ballet was superb. Definitely something I would loveeee to see again. I’m not totally sure how Mother and aunt Sylvia liked it…but. Ahhhhhhhhh. Heart. =)))

Although it did kinda ruin my hopes of ever becoming a really good modern dancer. Those people were like so skinny you could see straight through them, and so stronggg. I mean, seriously? Why can’t they share?? I’d only take a little of their strength and figures and skill…pretty please? =P Hehe XD Agh. So. Fantastic.

Anyhow. that was Friday. <3

Woo. Pictures. \m/


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Bessie Lark says:

    I take it the angel thing is from Dr. Who? =)


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Don’t look at it Grace. Don’t look at it. JUST DON’T. IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE IN THIS CENTURY. although if you wanna live the rest of your life in like 1800, go for it, I guess…


      1. Bessie Lark says:

        I already looked at it. And blinked before moving on. Several times. =P And I’m still here. HAH. =DD


      2. AnnaEstelle says:

        Well it needs time to become a full Angel, of course. It’s not like, instantaneous. It’s just the image of an Angel atm. -_- I wouldn’t suggest leaving your web browser open to that picture and then leaving the room. Because. Then there will be an Angel loose in Virginia. And. …well. Vermont is pretty far from Virginia, I guess…ok, go ahead. I’m safe. At least for a while. And if it starts moving up the coast I can flee to New Zealand.


      3. Bessie Lark says:

        *leaves pic up on screen* *leaves room* *comes back and writes this comment* *impish grin*


      4. AnnaEstelle says:

        I wash my hands of you.


  2. grannyandpoppy says:

    You have a great sense of humor. Poppy


  3. taethiel says:

    o___O Angels. Run. Except… don’t run… golly. That’s scary. o_o

    Doctor Who has officially made me scared of statues. XD I do really have to look everywhere there are statues to make sure there aren’t any angels.

    AhImissDoctorWho. <3 hehe =P The second angel episode (in like season 5, I think?) was way way cooler than the first. And it had River. So of course it was good.

    *ahem* Anyway. *grins*


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Ok Rebekah. Here’s a question for you. If an Angel has two shadows…do you stare? Or run? 0_0 …*grins* ;)
      Vashta Nerada versus Weeping Angel. …I can’t decide which is worse. O_O

      And yes, same here. It’s an unconscious, automatic action…and if there are angel statues I have a mini internal heart attack and then walk the other way as fast as possible and just hope they are busy being dormant. Because like Sally Sparrow survived in the scary house for a while and they didn’t start attacking until she went in the second time. So like. theoretically I COULD escape if I ran fast enough. As long as they weren’t actively feeding off peoples’ life forces…*cough* …o_O


  4. Lulu says:

    Wow sounds like a boring trip.


  5. joctavianr says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing trip, Anna. Pretty awesome. I didn’t even know Bronte had written more than two books. I need to come steal your library now =p


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Lol! Yea. There are lots more Bronte books than I realized. And I still don’t own them all. -_- That must be remedied. *grins* Bronte <3 …and it's all your fault, too. You inspired me to read Wuthering Heights…*glares at you* hehehe =P


  6. joctavianr says:

    I’ve read wuthering and Jane Eyre and Agnes Grey. And I knew about the tennent of wildfell hall. But I was not familiar with others. I need to look into this.
    And if I inspired you to read Wuthering Heights, then I do believe thank yous are in order, not glares.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Jane Eyre is still my favorite, followed by Wuthering Heights. <3
      But you hadn't heard of Villette? That is one of the more well known of Charlotte's work, besides Jane Eyre, I think. but yea, I hadn't heard of the other two though. Then I saw them and was like…I NEED THESE NOW. hehe =P
      O_O thank you thank you thank you thank you my life is forever in your service. =D


  7. joctavianr says:

    I must say that I preferred Wuthering Heights over Jane Eyre. But, I guess that makes sense given our usual tastes.
    No, I hadn’t. I need to look into this. I want to have read them all so that my questions will all be ready when I get to heaven =p
    There, that’s better. As long as your life is in my service, how about bringing me a sandwich?
    Actually, forget the sandwich. It’d just be great if you’d come over to WI =p


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Lol. And I must say that I read Jane Eyre AFTER Wuthering Heights and had a very hard time deciding if I REALLY did like it more, so they’re pretty close. ;)
      Rofl!!! I see. =P Yea, I want to read them all too. I love their writing. I just wish I could write something so emotionally compelling and absolutely captivating as they can.
      …I resent that. -__- And believe me, I would if I could. And rather than bringing you a sandwich, how about I make you one once I get there? It would be kinda nasty after I lugged it half way across the country, you know? …*makes cucumber and cream cheese sandwich for you* 0=) …*grins* Still want it?



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