CA trip part 2 ;)

More pictures. Woooooo.

Ok. Monday. …What did we do on Monday. o_O Um. Monday we went to see the giant Redwood trees. So. Epic. First we stopped at the Dharma company store place, though, because we were there and it was there, and Mommy bought a bunch of silk gauze and scarves to dye and knitting patterns. AND she’s going to knit me a little dress…right? Riiiiight??? Riiiiiightttttttt????? *cough* ;)


And then we went to see the trees. You wouldn’t think trees would be so…amazing. Like…wow. Thousands of years old, and think how much they have lived through and seen. You can feel the age. [this is why Anna doesn’t do well in museums. Anna likes to touch old things. A lot. Like…she REALLY likes to touch old things. Don’t take Anna to museums.] …And if the Elves had been on this continent in their younger days, I think they would have rambled in those Redwood forests. =)

So yea. It was pretty much fantastic. <3

And then we went out to dinner and had this super yummy roasted garlic fish and it rocked.  And Uncle David had a bottle of beer and two other alcoholic beverages that looked like the martini emote in GP5 but that he called something else, and Aunt Sylvia took the keys when he wasn’t looking and she drove us home…*grins* ;)

Then today (tuesday) we went to tour Pixar. Because folks, WE have connections. There are benefits to owning a B&B. People who work at Pixar come to stay with you, and then they give you their card and offer to give you a tour when you’re in the area. And it rockedddddd. =))) The security getting in the place was intense. It was like a fenced-in compound, with tall hedges and trees inside the fence so no one could see in. And then the security guard at the gate had to take our IDs and call people and check to make sure we were invited and contact the guy who we were touring with (the B&B guest) and check with him to make sure he knew us, and all sorts of stuff. We waited like 20 minutes while the security guy did all that =P The tour was awesome too. Luke, you need to be a computer guy and go work with them. *nods* Heck, I would love to work there. they sound like a very eccentric and crazy bunch of artsy people. The guy we were visiting said one of the employees had an office on the first floor and he had noisy machines in his office and they were driving him crazy so he drilled a big hole in the wall and put the machines outside on the grass and ran cords to them through the hole, and no one cared. How epic. =P And yea. It was totally a compound, though. In case of the zombie apocalypse  I wanna hide out with THEM. =P As well as their two big buildings inside the fence, they had a gym, a pool, a soccer field, volleyball and basketball courts, a live-in massage therapist (the dancer in me was drooling), and a school where various people come and teach random classes for the employees to take as a benefit (classes like pastel drawing, glass work, screenwriting, and artsy things like that). …It was super cool, basically. =P And the guy’s computers…O_O…the photographer in me was drooling at those suckers. Do you have any idea how awesome it would be to do post-processing on a screen that big? And he had two monitors too. Like. That would ROCK. Post-processing made like, wayyyyy easy. =P Hehe =P

Yea. Then we walked around some cute little street in some city and went in a bunch of paper shops (so. epic. If my handwriting was nice enough I would learn to use a fountain pen. …sadly, my penmanship stinks. A lot. Those of you to whom I send letters can attest. XD) Then we went to the top of some hill and looked at the view, which was awesomeeeeeeeee. I have no idea what we were looking at, though…which direction, or anything. XD I get all turned around whenever we drive places and lose all sense of direction.

Anyhow. Pictures are below. =)

Ah. So many pictures. I think tomorrow we’re tackling the Golden Gate Bridge. =)



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