California trip

Yea, I’m in CA. Woooooo. …And California HAS WEIRD TREES. 0_0

I feel like I’m in a mixture of Greece crossed with Hawaii.

Not that I have ever been in either of those places or anything.


Pictures from the first two-and-a-half days here are below. We got here friday evening, and then went to the San Francisco farmers’ market on saturday and today to see Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella, performed by the San Fran Ballet. Despite the fact that we were sitting super far away from the stage, it was completely epic and made me start thinking twice (again) about not doing pointe next semester =P we were at the veeeeeeeeeeeery top of the top balcony. And it was freaky because the balcony was at such a steep slope that you felt like you were sitting on the side of a vertical wall and if you leaned froward you’d plummet down however many stories it was and land in some rich old lady’s lap wayyy down in the orchestra…o_O But yea.

I’m not going to rave about CA on here right now, though. Too tired. =P Get back to me next month when I have maybe possibly recovered a little tiny bit of the energy I’ll have lost by going straight from full-swing college with dance-all-day-every-day to exams to all-day flights across the country to a week of walking and sight-seeing and doing and being and running around all the time doing epic things in CA to another day-long across-country flight to a two-day car ride home to jumping right in to three jobs. =P Yay life. Rest is officially nonexistant. =P


Some pics. From the first two days. …Yea, I’m going to end up with like nine bazillion photos from this week. =P Ha. XD Yay. My camera will be happy. =)

Click on the pictures to see them bigger. I put comments on them so you’ll know what they are. Yay. \m/

Ok and now it’s bed time maybe? My computer clock is still in Eastern time. It’s one in the morning at my house. >_< I’ll never get used to this whole weird time thing…hehehe =P I’d make a wretched world traveler.


I’ve no idea what we’ll be doing tomorrow…Yay! I may post things a few more times throughout the week. I figure if I post pictures periodically, I won’t have to like edit and resize nine bazillion photos and post them all at once when I get home. XD


5 Comments Add yours

  1. ashleytm says:

    wow… I wanna go =P


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      just a thought.


  2. Lulu says:

    TASTY PIG PARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. joctavianr says:

    Wait! You ate pork chops?


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Gee wiz, Justin. ‘Course I did. I’m not as weird as you think. We also had ribs, chicken twice, and fish. And leftover ribs and pork chops for lunch several times. AND IT WAS GOOD. Ha. =P
      Although. I haven’t eaten so much meat in such a short time span since like ever. I think I’m going to eat nothing all summer. 0_o



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