I just finished the LAST RELIGION CLASS I will ever have to take. WHAT.

Those of you currently thinking, “Gasp! Anna hates her religion classes?? Blasphemy!” …Let me explain. My first Religion prof was rather egotistical and incredibly ADD. She was a nice enough person, but her idea of class was, “I’m right, you’re wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it” (to quote a certain movie I’ve seen a few too many times. =P) And while my second professor is (or “was,” now. \m/) EVER so much better, and really a decent woman, and likes us, and doesn’t force her ideas on us…I didn’t care all that much for the subject matter of the class. I have nothing against feminism at all, and I definitely agree very much with several of its aspects, but reading essays by irate women telling everyone to boycott the church gets old after a while. As does watching film clip after film clip of things like female circumcision. Educational. Very. But…in moderation, please?

So yea. I’m SO TOTALLY done with religion here now. Yesssssssssss. All I have left to do is the final, which is just writing a “paper” (really a discussion of several quotes, which will be a piece of cake). HA.


I find it slightly weird, however, that my prof came to see the student Dance Concert (and pulled me aside after class today to congratulate me on my good performance), and that she wrote on the bottom of my last paper, about God-Language, “Can you take more Religion courses? Have you thought about a major in Religion? You have a good head for this!” (um no I can’t take more religion classes and no I have most definitely not considered a major in religion, and um, thanks I guess?) AND she gave me a B on the paper even though it was two or three pages shorter than it was supposed to be. Because every other paper we have done has been five pages. And so I assumed this one was too, and neglected to look at the syllabus to check and make sure, and thus didn’t realize it was really supposed to be seven to eight pages…PEOPLE LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU! NEVER ASSUME! Especially about papers. …but she still gave me a B. I think she likes me. Which is disturbing because I have no idea how she even knows my name because I sit in the back corner and never say anything in class…


Oh the strange workings of the professorial mind.

Religion classes – I bid you adieu. Not necessarily a fond one, but you gotta take what you can get. OH YES. ANNA IS SO DONE WITH RELIGION CLASSES. \m/



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