Sacred Dance

Sacred’s spring worship service was this past sunday. I got some pictures during the tech rehearsal. Here’s some of the better ones. =) None of them are really good quality because it was dark in the chapel so I had to boost my ISO a lot, so they’re a little grainy. But w/e. =)

Missy, fixing her hair. She’s a senior and she rocks a lot. And this picture is really dark because She made a funny face and I didn’t have time to fix my camera settings before she moved, and if I try and lighten it the graininess goes like WOA. So yea. =P
*grins* slightly disturbing picture of Sarah. I think she’s a junior. And she also rocks a lot. AND she’s unofficially coming to my house this summer. =D
Alyssa, Missy, and Amber. All seniors. AND THE HAIR. <3
Christina <3 A fellow freshman. she’s epic. =) And she makes me happy. =)
Jordan (in pink – as always) and Hannah McCoy (there are almost as many Hannahs as there are Sarahs here). Jordan’s a freshman and Hannah’s a Junior. Jordan and I are in Hannah’s piece for the student dance concert. =) And both Jordan and Hannah have incredibly epic hair that I may or may not be slightly (really) jealous of. =)
Hannah again. =)
Jordan again. I like this picture. It’s like, Jordan’s personality all over it. Hot pink, big smile.



There’s obviously way more people than this in Sacred XD I only got pictures of the first two pieces to be run because I then got sidetracked in just watching them all…soepic. <3 There is going to be a DVD, though, I think, which makes me happy.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. grannyandpoppy says:

    Nice to see pictures of your dancing friends. Granny


  2. Lulu says:

    Did she go 2 rounds with the champ or something? Whats wrong with her lip?


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Who? What? …the first picture? Missy has a bobby pin in her mouth…is that what you’re referring to? XD I SAID she was doing her hair…


    2. Dragonslayer says:

      Hah. This is funny.


    3. mariertps says:

      IIIgaahd. *is laughing so hard I can’t sit up* I’m dying… *sits up* *falls over again laughing*


  3. Lulu says:

    Oh, looks like some kind of a weird cut.



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