I’m published. …well…”published.” Meaning something I wrote is on a website/blog thing that I don’t personally know the owner of. =P Ha. See it here, on this website. and y’all should submit stuff too. and then you can pretend you’re famous with me. we could start a club.


annnnd I’m off to the Student Dance Concert. Wish me luck. I’m reeeeeally not looking forward to this. ..this is going to be…embarrassing. I really hope no one I know is watching tonight. *headdesk* I’m really not as horrid a dancer as it’s going to look like I am…really…*dies*


Edit: I DIDN’T FALL OFF THE STAGE AND DIDN’T LOSE MY BALANCE IN THE HOLDS AFTER THE NINE MILLION TURNS AND IT WAS EPIC AND I’M REALLY REALLY HAPPY NOW! And one of the pieces was to a piano version of Evanescent’s song My Immortal and I was like almost weeping! And then another piece was to the music Helena always put on the ballet DVDs for the introduction and I WAS weeping!

And I had fun. =)

And my amazing choreographer got me an’ Jordan presents. …*cough* *points*

it says “artificial joy and harmony” along the bottom. And then on the back it says that if it doesn’t work, quit your job because life is too short to spend with losers. =) Soepic.

…and we both collapsed (literally) in a laughing heap when we opened them. Because. Me an’ Jordan…we…like to argue…a lot? *grins* (but it’s her fault because she likes pink and she doesn’t understand the difference between a fanatical obsession and a scholarly obsession!! -_-) …*apologizes for webcam picture* *too lazy to get out camera and upload pictures and such*

I may get a DVD at some point of the show. And if that ever happens I may post the vid of my piece. Maybe. =)

I hope tomorrow is as good as tonight. I mean, tonight wasn’t spectacular. It could have been better. But…it was sososo much better than I anticipated. <3

And I like my choreographer and my fellow dancer. =)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. grannyandpoppy says:

    Wish we could have been there to see you. I knew you would be great!


  2. Tiberius Shift says:

    *ahem* It’s Evanescence…….not Evanescents. Jussayin. =P


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      I know that…did I really misspell that?? That’s embarrassing. XD It was really late at night when I wrote that part…XD fail.


      1. Tiberius Shift says:

        Yup. And I introduced you to My Immortal, btw. *enjoys moment of glory*



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