happy birthday, me.

So I thought today was going to be pretty lousy.

But it wasn’t that bad.

I mean, the fact that it’s my birthday and I’m not at home…stinks, to put it very mildly. But my family is amazing, and they take care of me even when I’m not there =) <3

I had a Sociology exam this afternoon (fun birthday activity) and a meeting for my religion group project (almost worse than the exam), but you know. Whatever. It made today just like another normal day. Insanely busy. Stressful. Sort of bleh in places. But that’s good. If today’s a normal day, then I don’t miss home as much.

To my dear family, both immediate and extended: I love you guys. You are amazing. I have the best relatives. <3 Em, thanks for listening to me play music and critiquing it all =P You’re the best. Luke, you have amazing taste in earrings. Not sure if you should take that as a compliment or not…*cough* ;) Mommy and Daddy…DRIED MANGO??!!?? Ok. I don’t need cake. this is better. <3 Granny and Poppy, thanks for skyping me =D Yay! And CHOCOLATE. O_O

And to those of my friends who remembered and who sent me birthday wishes: I love you guys too. I’m so blessed to know all of you…thank you. Grace, your card was lovely (despite the fact that you wrote a notice on the back of the envelope for anyone to see instructing everyone at Hope College to sing to me. Which thankfully no one has…do you know how awkward that is??) Rebekah, thank you for encouraging me, and smiling. =) And thanks for your prayers. They mean the world. Le annon veleth nin, my dear. <3 Don’t ever go away *nods* …Ashley…WHY DID YOU NOT TAKE THE TARDIS AND GIVE ME IT?? It’s my birthday. Give it to us, precious. -_- …*cough* but you still rock even though you didn’t. *grins* ;)

To the people at Hope College who wished me a happy birthday, though none of you will ever read this: You’re pretty decent. And thank you for not singing for me. Or making a big deal of it. XD The fact that I told no one about it being my birthday today helps, but…*cough* You know. Whatever. I’ll tell you tomorrow…maybe. *grins*


So I woke up this morning to THESE hanging all over the place:

where’s Anna…oh there she is. nvm. WHAT.
is it just me, or is that smile waaay too big for that particular scene? I mean. What happened to the tragic vision-of-Aragorn-and-son-that-will-never-be-if-she-leaves?
…and yea the NaNo thing is mine too. =P

I’m just glad they didn’t stick me on a Black Rider. o_O


And then a wonderful little old lady dropped by the dorm with a box for me…containing this:

I bet you wish you were me right now.

How nice is that??



I wrote a song.

Technically I wrote two songs, and one of them I actually wrote several weeks ago and the second one I got almost finished last night. I don’t like the first one super much…it needs help =P But the second one makes me really happy. AND. Emily critiqued them over skype for me =D Yayyyyyyyyy. My sister’s a genius everybody. Just throwing it out there. *nods* Thanks Em! <3 Helpful suggestionz…you rock. =)

So yea.

I’m really proud of myself for that. =P


so today was pretty decent after all.

I mean. It’s just another day, right?


…*goes off to eat cake and dried mango, and write in my journal* Tschuss, everyone.


23 Comments Add yours

  1. Lulu says:



    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      lol xD so excited, and it isn’t even your birthday…hehe =P <3


  2. vtgrandview says:

    oh and its chocolate too!! Yum!! This time 19 years ago, you were only 2 hours old…how sweet.


  3. Shanda says:

    Dearest Lovely Cousin Anna, I so meant to call you yesterday and wish you a happy birthday! I thought about you a lot yesterday:) I’m glad your birthday was “decent” as you say…that is much better than it could have been I suppose. I wanted you to know that I love you to death and miss you!!!!!!!! I hope to visit this summer and see you showing off tons of new outfits (wink wink). Oh, and just another little blessing to add, remember, you’re on the college schedule now. While the rest of us public school goers/workers have to stick around until the end of May or early June…you’ll be back in VT by then, having soaked in lots of family and kitty time :) Be thankful for that for the next few years. Love love love you,


  4. Bessie Lark says:

    They didn’t sing?! Doggone it. Maybe I should find Dr. Cole’s email and ask him to sing to you in class…….. 0=)


  5. Bessie Lark says:

    Okay, I found the email. Should I or shouldn’t I…. =D


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Ok. If you do that, I will pack up my things right now and start walking home, never to return to the Hope campus again. Choose your action wisely. *glares flames*


      1. Bessie Lark says:

        But you wouldn’t know if I did it until Monday….. :)


      2. AnnaEstelle says:

        yea, well, unless your solemnly promise on your word of honor as a lady that you didn’t do it and won’t do it, then I’ll leave tonight. -_- Swear it on the Precious!! *glares*


      3. Bessie Lark says:

        You’d only hurt yourself . . . just sayin’. 0=)


      4. AnnaEstelle says:

        I have only three more words to say to you on this subject: Don’t. You. Dare.
        *glares bigger flames*


      5. Bessie Lark says:

        Of course not, Anna dearest. I wouldn’t dream of doing such a horribly cruel thing. =)


      6. Bessie Lark says:

        *glares* You edited that.


      7. Bessie Lark says:

        But still, what reason can you give me that I shouldn’t email your dear Professor Cole at colee@hope.edu and ask him to sing to you in class Monday?


      8. AnnaEstelle says:

        …oh, just that if you do I will never speak to you again…but other than that, not much…
        Pick your poison. *grins*


      9. Bessie Lark says:

        Might I point out that you’ve rarely spoken to me anyway, and that that could make for a very awkward meeting whenever I get up to Vermont? *grins back*


      10. AnnaEstelle says:

        …let me rephrase that. I will never again converse with you in any manner, be it through email, blog comments, talking, phonecalls, skype, GP5, telepathy, or any other manner of having any sort of conversation. -_-


      11. Bessie Lark says:

        …I thought you wanted to hear about my three epic, adorable, huggable dogs….


      12. AnnaEstelle says:

        No longer. -_- Not if you proceed with your evil plot, that is. -_-


  6. Jacob Cullum says:

    This is a little late, but happy birthday! =P


  7. Bessie Lark says:

    As a birthday present, I’ll tell you that the concert recording is in Study Room 2…you just have to skip through about 40 minutes of conversation first, which messes up the synching of chat with audio. But, you can still hear the singing/playing.



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