It poured today. A lot. And thundered. Ohhh the thunder. <3 And it’s still continuing to rain. The whole campus is like two inches deep. Annaisinherhappyplaceeee. <3 yay. =)) I really really had to resist the urge to take off my shoes and jump in the puddles, walking between classes. And just in today, with all the rain, the grass is suddenly bright, bright green and looks like it grew an inch. Ahhhhhh. =)))

And I finished my paper for my Religion class. yesssssss. All the homework I have left for that class now is finishing my journal, the final exam [another paper] and the group project (that I literally have absolutely no free time to meet with the rest of my group for. This is what happens when you dance. there was an option to just write a paper instead, which I was planning to do…but people just…put me in their group. WHICH WAS NOT HELPFUL! -_- I hate it when everyone tried to be inclusive. -_-)

And my wonderful Lit class collectively convinced our professor to let us not have to wrote the next paper. Because it was supposed to be five pages on Othello, but we have to use a bunch of Othello stuff when we write our ten-page research paper, so we would be writing about Othello twice and like…no. And our prof is amazing. Like…WAY amazing. He was just like…oh…you want to just cancel that paper? Sure! We can just talk about Othello more in class to make up for it! And we were all like…wait. we talked our professor out of giving us homework. that really just worked? hehehe =P So all I have left for Lit is the research paper. YES.

and all that’s left for Soc is random reading and three labs, an exam, and another exam (really. who has two exams within like a week of each other? AND. every single exam for Soc covers all the material…not just the new stuff. Which I guess is good. But. No one does that. And it makes it so much harder to study. And I got a B on the second exam (I was literally one. point. from an A. -___-). And if I get another B I will die. *nods decisively* So. I’m freaking out. =P

and all that’s left for my dance classes is a ballet final (which is basically…a joke. XD) and a modern paper and a final (which will be scary =P). And turning in my pointe journal.


The adjudication for the piece I’m in for the Student Dance Concert was tonight. And we rocked it. \m/ And Steven was a lot less scary than I thought he would be. He’s my Improv teacher and I think he really enjoys being scary. But he wasn’t too bad at the adjudication. Jon Lehrer, from LehrerDance (oh yes.) was the second adjudicator. (the adjudicators basically sit there and watch while you perform your piece, then they pick it apart and give critiques to the choreographer).  It was a lot of fun, actually. Jordan lent me some of her things to wear because Hannah, our choreographer, wanted us to match but I don’t have clothes that I can dance in that look the same as Jordan’s. So I got to wear her stuff. And it’s super cool because I have grey leggings and a black tanktop and Jordan has black leggings and a grey tanktop, and we have our hair the same (an upside-down, inside-out braid that ends in a bun on top of our heads. Basically a dutch braid [inside-out french braid] that starts at the nape of your neck and goes up. soepic]). So we look like, the same. And I feel like a Jordan. and it’s kinda cool. Especially since we are so completely opposite in personality. XD But anyway.

We rocked the dance for the adjudication. And it was so cool because 207 was all spiffed up for dance performance, with the white floor rolled out and wings set up…so pretty. I’m really happy because they leave the white floor there until the performances in the studio are over, so I get to have class on it tomorrow. yay. Somehow, dancing on a white floor is so much more fun than dancing on the normal black marly. Funny how that is.

then afterwards Hannah took me and Jordan to the little coffee shop right down the street from my dorm that I’ve never been to [which is apparently shocking. but what can I say. I have no money]. It’s called LemonJello’s (and it’s not pronounced like lemons and jello. the emphasis goes on the second syllable and it’s all like one word. leMONjello’s. *grins* and it’s fun to say. =P) and it was fun. And she bought us drinks. But I was completely overwhelmed because SO MANY CHOICES and my brain was dead (still is…) and like yea. So I told Hannah to pick for me. Which she very kindly did. And it was pretty yummy. =) I think the thing I got was called a Green Army Guy. It was like green apple soda and strawberry soda and…a green army guy…they actually put the army guy IN the cup. I felt kind of like a kid getting the happy meal at McDonald’s, where they give you a toy with it…=D and it was fun. See look. My drink. *points down*

and yea. It's sitting on top of the stack  of books I was using as sources for my religion paper I just turned in. And yes, you did read the title right. And yes, that's exactly what my paper was about. ...well sort of. It was about God-language. And calling God She. Rather than He. No comment.
and yea, It’s sitting on top of the stack of books I was using as sources for my religion paper I just turned in. And yes, you did read the title right. And yes, that’s what my paper was about. …well sort of. It was about God-language. And calling God She. No comment. Can you see the little army guy floating? He’s kind of cute…


and now I really have to go to bed. >_< Unfortunately, tomorrow is still going to come at the same time it usually does…I wish it would stop doing that.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Why don’t we read books like that at Hillsdale???


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Lol. I *cough* didn’t actually read it…I just skimmed through one section and found a quote that worked for my paper…*cough* hehehe =P


  2. Dragonslayer says:

    At least you didn’t drink coffee . . .


  3. Lulu says:

    The title for that book is messed up.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      …but is it really?
      God isn’t male. Neither is God female. God is above gender. Right? I think most Christians will basically agree with that. So…if God isn’t male, yet we are fine with calling God He…why do we get freaked out over the idea of calling God She? It’s the exact same concept as calling God He, only feminine instead of masculine. The bible calls God things like Father and Savior and Lord and King…masculine words. But the bible also says God groans in anguish for His children like a *woman in childbirth.* That’s a feminine image if I ever saw one. And one of the Hebrew names for God, El Shaddai, is usually translated to mean “God Almighty” or something similar, but can also be translated as “double-breasted.” God as the Double-Breasted One – another feminine image. God is spoken of as being a Comforter and a Healer. Feminine images. There are also some other words used for God that are feminine in the original language, but that have been translated as masculine (“Sophia” being one of them [Greek for Wisdom, I believe, and if I remember correctly from my Religion class, used to mean the spirit of God or the wisdom of God in the bible]).
      That’s a whole lot of feminine ways of speaking of or about God used in the bible. Sooo…why is the title of the book messed up? Is there something wrong with relating to God using feminine pronouns, if the bible uses blatantly feminine language to speak about God in many places?
      We call God by masculine pronouns because it’s tradition. That’s just what we do. What we are taught, and what we teach. But does that mean it’s the ONLY right way to speak about God? Isn’t God way bigger than our comprehension? Couldn’t there possibly be other ways of relating to or talking about God, outside of the ones we commonly use, that are just as “correct” as calling God He?
      Just food for thought.
      I personally don’t know how I feel about this, just throwing that out there. It’s a difficult concept to think about, mainly BECAUSE of the huge influence of tradition.

      Also, I think the word “Goddess” has a bad rep =P


    2. AnnaEstelle says:

      …and THAT, my friends, is an epic-sized comment. \m/



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