It’s a good dayyyyyyy


Yesterday they were mowing the grass here (and I was thinking about alllll those pictures from Emily’s birthday when we were younger, with snow literally covering the entire window so you couldn’t even see out an inch at the top. Heh).

The birds are singing all over the place AND it is now a quite lovely and sunny walk at 8:00 in the morning to get to the Dow and ballet class. SO HAPPY FOR SUN.

My window’s opened =D It’s kind of freezing-ish in my room though because we are on the west side of the building and so we don’t get sun until much later in the evening. =P BUT it smells good and it’s springy. yayyyyyyy.

I re-organized my drawers here and put all my t-shirts in the main drawer and all my wool stuff in the top drawer that I don’t ever get stuff out of. HAH!

My absolutely fantastically amazing cousin sent me a box with clothes in itttttt =D =D =D And they smell nice. =) AND THEY FIT. Like. It’s kind of a phenomenon. Even the jeans fit. I was like. What. This never happens. Yay for tall people. =D We rock. \m/ Thank you Shanda!!! You’re epic. =D

My Improv class was unofficially canceled today! I.e. Steven came in 15 minutes late and was like…”I’m in the middle of a very important meeting that I have to go back to. Do you want to run away and do fun things, or stay and work by yourselves?” We all wanted to run away and do fun things, obviously, but we were all too scared to say anything. Steven has that effect on people. So we were like…um…stay…? So he said “Ok. Do more work with colors. Today work with Purple, Orange, and White. Come up with adjectives, then improv together, and then do one at a time like we did yesterday. See ya.” And so we went to the chalkboard and came up with nice adjectives like the good students we are…which took like three minutes…then we all kinda stood there around the grand piano and looked at each other for a minute…and then we were like, ok. Lunch time. and we all left. XD And it was fantastic. …and I kinda hope he didn’t come back at the end of the class time because we were so totally long gone by then. *grins*


I REGISTERED FOR CLASSES. I feel accomplished.

So next semester I’m taking…

German I (ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. …*whispers* pssst. Em. How do I say THIS ROCKS, BABY in German? *cough*)
J. R. R. Tolkien and Medieval Literature (MYLIFEHASNEWMEANING. Whatttt. OH YES. *tears of joy* …and no…I’m not overreacting at all. Not a bit…*cough* *ecstatic noises issuing from the blur that is currently bouncing off the walls* …excitement does this to me. No really. I’m sane. I promise.)
Creative Writing: Nonfiction (actually I’m super excited to be doing nonfic. I could have done fiction, but it would mean I would have to literally run from my German classroom on the absolute furthest northwest corner of campus to the CW classroom on the absolute furthest southeast corner of campus and…I’m not that athletic. especially when carrying bookbags. *cough* And plus, I really want to try something new.)
Ballet III (scary. AND it’s only TWICE A WEEK. -_____- Lameeee. But it isn’t super early in the morning so I’m happy =P)
Jazz I (A.k.a. Anna-Making-An-Idiot-Out-Of-Herself. Hopefully it will be fun though…*extreeeeeeeeme skepticism* Me and Jazz…we don’t mix. I’m a bunhead, ok? -_-)
Tap Novice (yea, I didn’t even dare to aspire to Tap I. We’re going novice all the way. You know, like the tap class that is for non-dancers? Yep. Um. This is me, stepping wayyyyyy out of my comfort zone. =P It’s gonna be bad. Hahaha =P But I’m kinda excited to try it out again. Haven’t done tap since I was eight…o_O)
Annnnd last but not least, Folk/Social/Swing Dance (yesssssssssssssssssssssss. SO EXCITED. I figure it’s about time for me to learn how to do some sort of dancing that can take place outside of the ballet studio…heh =P Because for having danced for the past 16 years, I certainly…can’t dance a step to save my life. =P)




I need ice cream.



…actually I take it back. I think ice cream is the last thing on earth that I need right now…

I’m so excited. About [most of] my classes. I just really really really really really hope they live up to it. *headdesk* …we shall see…

but either way, folk/social/swing will be epic. And the Tolkien class has serious promise. …I mean, I think. Not that I know anything about what the class will be like. =P …I may not need to buy any books for it…*cough* *has most of them all already…* *grins* yesssssss.

I like it when classes are exciting. Why does this not happen more often? This was almost as exciting as registering for TPS used to be…*sad face*


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  1. Lulu says:

    Are you KIDDING me? I’m taking probably twice the work load next year, and I’m going into lousy 11th grade, your going to be a sophomore in College and are practically taking nothing academic? Good luck getting a job.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Yooooooooooo man. My junior year of highschool was brutal. That would be the year I stayed up until 2:00am or later doing homework almost every night. I feel ya.
      And that’s what happens when you want to do dance. -_- Unfortunately. That’s a big part of the reason why I switched to a dance minor, rather than major. =P I’m hoping the Tolkien class will be more than just like reading stuff and writing random papers on it…because I miss having tough academics. And I think German will hopefully be hard. Or at least a lot of work, anyway. We shall see. =P
      And yea…I do complain about not having enough work. XD Homeschoolers FTW. =D


  2. Wow, Anna, that sounds like an awesome, fulfilling, challenging semester!! Alles Gute!!


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      yes…I’m just hoping it is MENTALLY challenging. I mean, it will be physically. Jazz…*hides* hehehe =P But. Yea. Hmph. =P


  3. taethiel says:

    I’m jealous. Hmph.


    1. AnnaEstelle says:

      Of the fact that my Improv class was “canceled”, or the fact that I signed up for a tolkien class…?
      *smiles at you* <3 =)
      …and the <3 was for you, not the tolkien class…


      1. taethiel says:

        Of your schedule for next semester. My school has no such awesome classes. *headdesk* I’m doing chemistry and maybe statistics, and idk what else… but nothing cool. =/ I mean, chem is fun. But it’s not lit or creative writing or tap or folk dance.


      2. AnnaEstelle says:

        well…since I’m majoring (i think…) in CW, and minoring in dance…I pretty much am going to be doing nothing but writing and dance from here on out. I only have a few more General Education requirements to do…A lot of them were covered by my transfer credits, and then I got most of the other ones out of the way this year. so I’ll mostly be dancing and writing. which there’s nothing bad about that. it’s easy, anyway. but you can only stare at yourself in a mirror all day for so long until you go crazy =P and writing…is fun (at least…usually XD), but it’s not academic…it doesn’t make your brain hurt. And I think I’m going to miss that.
        but. I may be adding another math or science class to my schedule for next semester. Which will bring me up to a whopping 20 credits if I do…ha. =P


      3. AnnaEstelle says:

        and. this is why you should go to Hillsdale. OR HOPE. COME BE MY ROOMIE. ;) I promise I’ll be nice and keep my half of the room clean. Ish. Sometimes. 0=)

        *sigh* college shouldn’t have to be so expensive.


      4. taethiel says:

        Yea. That makes sense. I actually am thinking it will be kind of boring without SOME non-major-specific classes, just because… erm, I like variety, I guess. Idk. But writing is fun. And you can do a lot with it. And lit can be really challenging and academic, and that will be part of a writing major, right?
        Oh my word, child. That’s… a lot. I’m at sixteen credits right now and I am just about at the top of my capacity.


      5. AnnaEstelle says:

        Yea. Variety is good. And I hate being able to pass a class without thinking =P Especially in college…it just doesn’t seem right =P My lit class I’m in now, I think I’ve literally gotten 100% on every assignment we’ve done so far. =P And I haven’t even had to really try super hard or stress about it at all. …and now I sound like a stuck-up homeschooler =P but it’s trueeee. -_-
        yea…but even Lit’s challengingness is only using the language side of my brain. =P There’s nothing to exercise the numbers and science and math side. -_-
        yea, well, four credits are dance technique classes. which have no homework, they’re just physically tiring and emotionally exhausting XD haha. so. yea.


      6. taethiel says:

        I know. I understand exactly what you mean. I was just complaining to Mom today about how frustrating it is for me to be so much more capable than most other people and thus be able to so easily get almost perfect (if not perfect) grades on assignments. I know it sounds really prideful and, yea, stuck up, but… it IS true. *headdesk* I mean. Seriously. They had to teach my lit class about THESIS STATEMENTS. For crying out loud, people, it’s COLLEGE. I will grant you that we do have a good amount of non-traditional students (i.e., they are far from just out of high school), but still… the majority are just out of high school, and thus really should know about BASIC WRITING SKILLS. *headdesk*

        Um. And. Yea. *stops ranting* But… it’s really frustrating. Because 1) the classes are really really easy for me, and I never thought I’d say this, but it’s annoying, and 2) I’ve got really good grades, and everyone’s like, whoaaa… and I’m just like… people… I didn’t even have to tryyy. >_<

        Um. Yea. Anyway. =P


      7. AnnaEstelle says:

        I COMPLETELY AGREE. We talked about homeschooling in Soc today and everyone was saying how homeschoolers always give off this better-than-thou (or smarter-than-thou) aura. And I was like. WE CAN’T HELP IT. BECAUSE WE JUST ARE. …I didn’t say that. =P But I sure thought it. -_- =P
        *grins* Oh yea? Well, in MY lit class, the prof taught us how to write a three-point-paragraph. Like, that’s what…second grade? …*facepalm* =P and yea. I try not to let anyone know what grades I’m making. Because it just…gets weird. -_- =P
        although if I make a B in any of my classes now I may die. Or find the nearest tall building to walk off of. Or something. XD ha. that’s what getting all As one semester does to Anna. =P XD



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